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Erin Hart Named 2021 Library Ambassador of the Year

As part of National Library Week, Missouri River Regional Library will honor Erin Hart from KAT Country as the 2021 Library Ambassador of the Year.  Hart is an avid library user, and consistently shares about the work the library is doing, both in the community and on social media.

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Missouri River Regional Library Celebrates National Library Week

Missouri River Regional Library will join with libraries across the nation in celebrating National Library Week April 5-10, 2021.  This is the 63rd year that libraries have celebrated NLW. 

“National Library Week is a chance for us to highlight our impact on the community,” says Claudia Cook, Director. “It is also a great time to celebrate our patrons, and welcome back members of the community who haven’t visited us recently.” 

  • All week long:

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Readers Respond—Winter Words Recommendations

More than 100 readers participated in the 2020 Winter Words Adult Reading Club. They read hundreds of books in all fiction genres and nonfiction categories. We asked the participants to name a book they read in 2020 that they’d recommend to other readers. Their recommendations follow: 

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Have you guys canceled my account?

(Spoiler Alert: No)

Many of our phone calls and more than an occasional patron ask variations of the same question:

I was trying to (insert action here) and it said – voice rising questioningly -- my library card had expired?

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What We're Reading: "The Brave" by James Bird

Compulsion rules Collin’s life. He can’t stop himself from counting the number of letters in words spoken to
him. Nor can he stop himself from announcing those totals to the speaker. If he tries to stop, he becomes
overwhelmed. Life has been extremely difficult for Collin because of his struggle with Obsessive Compulsive
Disorder. He has been raised first by his grandparents and then his father, but his OCD has made him too
much for them to handle. His grandparents gave up on him very early on, and now his father has finally

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Notary Public at MRRL

A free notary public is now available at Missouri River Regional Library in the Jefferson City location. 

Regular hours of availability are:

Tuesday from 5:00pm-7:00pm
Wednesday and Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm

Please call (573) 634-2464 to confirm availability. 


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The Hunt for Holiday Gifts

I like presents, but confess I am a horrible wrapper. No matter how much care I take in positioning the gift, getting the folds just right, even finding a bow that matches, it’s a disaster. The edges don’t line up, the tape bunches up, the corner rips through the paper, I’m still 1/8 of an inch short — trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

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