Library Staff


Betty Hagenhoff staff photo
Betty Hagenhoff staff photo (silly)
Assistant Director
573-634-2464 ext. 249
Diane staff photo
Diane staff photo (silly)
Business Office Human Resources Coordinator
573-634-2464 ext. 236


Natalie Newville staff photo
Natalie Newville staff photo (silly)
Marketing and Community Engagement Manager

2020 Missouri Library Association Public Relations Achievement Award

2020 Ones To Watch

2020 JC West Rotarian of the Year

2021 Fast Forward Award

573-634-6064 ext. 234
Allie Staff Image
Allie Staff Silly Image
Graphic Designer & Website Coordinator

Circulation Department

Jessica Wieberg staff photo
Jessica Wieberg staff photo (silly)
Circulation Manager
573-634-2464 ext. 223
Melody Staff Photo
Melody staff photo (silly)
Interlibrary Loan
Jon staff photo
Jon staff photo (silly)
Assistant Coordinator/Bookmobile Driver
Mark staff photo
Mark staff photo (silly)
Library Assistant II/Bookmobile Driver
Karen A 1
Karen A 2
Circulation Assistant
Diane 1
Diane 2
Circulation Assistant
Dallas staff photo
Dallas staff photo (silly)
Circulation Clerk
Ken staff photo
Ken staff photo (silly)
Circulation Assistant

Children's Department

Angie Bayne staff photo
Angie Bayne staff photo (silly)
Children's Manager

2014 Missouri Library Association Show Me Youth Services Award

573-634-2464 ext. 253
Eric staff photo
Eric (silly)
Children's Programming Coordinator

Partners in Education 2020 Outstanding Partnership Award with Belair Elementary

The Missouri Library Association 2021 Outstanding Library Employee Award

Donna staff photo
Donna staff photo (silly)
Children’s Programming

Partners in Education 2020 Outstanding Partnership Award with Belair Elementary

Teen's Department

Courtney Waters staff photo
Courtney Waters staff photo
Teen Collection Development & Services Coordinator

2019 Missouri Library Association Show Me Youth Services Award

573-634-6064 ext. 248
Mariah's Staff Photo

Adult Services

Qhyrrae Michaelieu Staff Photo
Qhyrrae Michaelieu staff photo
Reference Coordinator
Madeline Staff Photo
Reference and Adult Programming Librarian
Lisa S Staff Photo
Lisa S Staff Photo Silly
Adult Services Librarian

Technical Services Department

Bryan Dunlap staff photo
Technical Services Manager
573-634-6064 ext. 232
Tiffany staff photo
Tiffany staff photo (silly)
Assistant Item Processing
Russell staff photo
Russell staff photo (silly)

Information Technology Department

Jason Shelvy staff photo
Jason Shelvy staff photo2 (silly)
IT Manager
573-634-2464 ext. 256
Allen staff photo
PCC Clerk
Megan staff photo
Megan staff photo (silly)
Technology Training Librarian
573-634-6064 ext. 247


Don Kliethermes staff photo
Maintenance Manager
573-634-6064 ext. 243
Bill staff photo
Bill staff photo (silly)

Osage County Branch

Paula staff photo
Paula staff photo (silly)
Sarah staff photo
Sarah staff photo (silly)
Osage Branch Manager
Missy staff photo
Missy staff photo (silly)