Book Sale

Book Sale

Every year, Missouri River Regional Library partners with Adult Basic Literacy Education for the MRRL/ABLE Book Sale. It’s one of the largest sales of its kind in the Midwest. Proceeds benefit both ABLE and MRRL.

Annual Book Sale Date:
2nd Wednesday of March at 4:00PM to following Saturday until 1:00PM

Pop-Up Book Sale Dates:

Pop-Up Book Sales happen at the library throughout the year, depending on room and stock availability. Watch our calendar for more details. 

Interested in volunteering for the book sale? Contact Angie at (573) 634-2464 ext. 253

Donate Your Used Books At The Library

No, thank you

VHS Tapes (except Disney in original case)




Home-recorded audiovisual items

Encyclopedias more than 10 years old

Items that are defaced, damaged, deteriorating or have missing pages

Reader's Digest Condensed


Yes please!

Hardback/paperback books

Fiction/non-fiction books

"Coffee Table" picture books

DVD movies/instructional videos

Music/books on CD

Cookbooks, craft books

Auto Repair manuals

Instruction books

Religious books

Blank journals

Records/LP albums

Jigsaw puzzles

Kids books/all kinds

Board games

Large print books