Book Sale

Book Sale

Every year, Missouri River Regional Library partners with Adult Basic Literacy Education for the MRRL/ABLE Book Sale. It’s one of the largest sales of its kind in the Midwest. Proceeds benefit both ABLE and MRRL.

Annual Book Sale Date:
2nd Wednesday of March at 4:00PM to following Saturday until 1:00PM

Pop-Up Book Sale Dates:
Last weekend in January and October, Friday at 12:00PM to following Sunday until 5:00PM

Interested in volunteering for the book sale? Contact Betty at (573) 634-2464 ext. 249

Donate Your Used Books At The Library

No, thank you

VHS Tapes (except Disney in original case)




Home-recorded audiovisual items

Encyclopedias more than 10 years old

Items that are defaced, damaged, deteriorating or have missing pages

Reader's Digest Condensed


Yes please!

Hardback/paperback books

Fiction/non-fiction books

"Coffee Table" picture books

DVD movies/instructional videos

Music/books on CD

Cookbooks, craft books

Auto Repair manuals

Instruction books

Religious books

Blank journals

Records/LP albums

Jigsaw puzzles

Kids books/all kinds

Board games

Large print books