Meet The New Catalog at the Library!

Meet The New Catalog at the Library!

Whether it be the customer service you receive in person or over the phone, to our programming offerings, or even how you search for a book in our catalog, the patron experience is something I take very seriously as the director of this library.  For many years, the way you search for materials on our catalog website has been the same. This has its advantages --- it’s familiar, you have it bookmarked, it does what you expect it to do, right? What if you could have all of that and see read alike recommendations or browse our digital offerings?  Well, it’s possible and it’s here!

The library has purchased what’s called a discovery layer to enhance our catalog system. It’s called Vega Discover.  It’s intuitive, stream-lined, and increases your searching options. Here’s the part where I remind you it will look differently, and you might feel frustrated at first. Change is hard. I promise you will be surprised at what it now makes possible. Here’s a short list of some of things we know you’ll be excited about.  

  1. A single search on a title (i.e. To Kill a Mockingbird) will combine formats and editions in one result. 

  1. Custom lists and staff-curated book list showcases will offer better access to related materials and topics patrons want to explore

  1. Vega Discover uses interconnected search results to display relationships between resources, authors, and topics. This approach helps promote and bring visibility to the full range of library materials while allowing patrons to ebrowse the digital stack (Overdrive) and experience the library online.

My suggestion to you would be to explore the new features with some searches of your own. If you get lost, ask for help. That’s what we’re here for! Watch our online tutorial for help! The staff and I hope Vega Discover will make finding materials an easier, more user friendly experience. Please share your feedback with staff.  I welcome your comments, too (  

Happy Searching!