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What We're Reading: "The Brave" by James Bird

Compulsion rules Collin’s life. He can’t stop himself from counting the number of letters in words spoken to
him. Nor can he stop himself from announcing those totals to the speaker. If he tries to stop, he becomes
overwhelmed. Life has been extremely difficult for Collin because of his struggle with Obsessive Compulsive
Disorder. He has been raised first by his grandparents and then his father, but his OCD has made him too
much for them to handle. His grandparents gave up on him very early on, and now his father has finally

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Notary Public at MRRL

A free notary public is available at Missouri River Regional Library in the Jefferson City location. 

The weekly schedule is subject to change. To confirm availability, please call (573) 634-2464. 

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The Hunt for Holiday Gifts

I like presents, but confess I am a horrible wrapper. No matter how much care I take in positioning the gift, getting the folds just right, even finding a bow that matches, it’s a disaster. The edges don’t line up, the tape bunches up, the corner rips through the paper, I’m still 1/8 of an inch short — trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

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Take and Make Craft: Infinity Cubes

Make your own infinity cube! 

Supplies Needed:
-48 square pieces of paper (we went with 3x3 inches); the infinity cube is composed of 8 blocks that use 6 pieces of paper each. You could do it all in one color, have each box be a different color (6 squares each of 8 different colors), or have multi-colored cubes as we do in the video (8 squares each of 6 different colors). You could even come up with your own combinations, so long as your total number of squares is 48. 
-scotch tape

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What We're Reading: "Rejected Princesses" by Jason Porath

World history has a gaping hole. There exist few well-known women in a world of documents, literature, and bardic traditions that placed men in the forefront of action, science, and renown. The women who did make their way into the history books are known to different degrees depending on how much fame they received over time.

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Sensory Play I Spy Bottles

Supplies Needed: Small bottle filled with a cup of colored rice, beans & rice, corn, or birdseed. Small baggie with letter beads, wooden beads, colored beads, and buttons.

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A Year of Mystery with Fiction at Noon

Since 2006, I've led a book discussion group called Fiction at Noon with my coworker Kathy (now retired). We are lucky to still have most of the original participants and have added new friends along the way.

This year, we proposed a year of mystery to the groups and, as a result, have read the works of several good mystery writers. Two of my favorites this year have been "Magpie Murders" by Anthony Horowitz and "Test of Wills" by Charles Todd.

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Voting in the Age of Covid-19

The deadline to register for the August 4th election has passed, but if you have registered, all of the information you might need for voting in the age of Covid-19 is below from Of course, this information will apply to the election on November 3rd as well, and you can register for that election until October 7th. 

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