Security Tips from STI Technology Solutions

Security Tips from STI Technology Solutions

STI Technology Solutions has been a long time event sponsor of the Foundation Mini Golf Fundraiser. They are writing a guest blog here today to share some security tips with you! 

 Be Cautious of Links

  • Be suspicious of any links in emails. These are common ways for criminals to get your personal information

 Vary your Passwords

  • Do not use a single password for all of your different accounts. This way, if your credentials get stolen they won’t work on other sites

 Use a Password Manager

  • By using a password manager, you won’t have to remember or write down the login information for any of your sites

 Setup Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds another layer of protection for your personal data by requiring verification of a user’s identity

 Avoid Using Debit Cards Online

  • When shopping online opt for a credit card or online payment method like PayPal that isn’t directly tied to your bank account

 Don’t Save Payment Information

  • Breaches happen all of the time. If your credit card isn’t saved on a site then criminals can’t steal this information

 Keep Your Operating System Up to Date

  • The older an operating system is the more time criminals have to find vulnerabilities. Operating System updates patch known weak spots

 Avoid Unknown Web Sites

  • Exercise caution when visiting new Web Sites. They are more likely to carry “Drive-By Download Attacks” than well-established sites

 Be Careful of Social Media

  • Be aware of what you are sharing online. Criminals can learn a lot of information just by what you post

 Install Anti-Virus Software

  • Thee are so many ways your data can be compromised. Install anti-virus software to help combat digital attacks

 Avoid Unnecessary Downloads

  • Downloaded files are a prime tactic criminals use to gain access to your network. Be aware of anything you are downloading

 Be Overly Suspicious

  • Although many things online are secure, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be aware of anything you are doing online

 Backup Your Information

  • The best solution to an encrypted data incident (ransomware) is to erase and re-install. Using a quality backup solution creates a headache, not a nightmare

 Use Mobile Devices Safely

  • Lock with a PIN. Do not store or transmit personal details. Only install apps from trusted sources (AppStore, Google Play)

 Email Can be Read like a Postcard

  • Unencrypted email can be read by anyone on the internet. Do not send personal information through non-secured email

 You are a Target to Hackers

  • Don’t say “It won’t happen to me”. We are all at risk and the personal & financial stakes are high

 Lock your Device

  • Never leave your laptop/smartphone/tablet unlocked when you are away. Setup a password or pin code for your device

 Never Share Your Passwords

  • EVER

STI Technology Solutions is a Central Missouri computer support business providing solutions to companies using fewer than 25 computers. STI provides reliable email hosting, secure & recoverable file storage, end user desktop support, network security and VoIP telephone to provide a reliable business system. STI handles the complicated business of computer support allowing our clients to do what they do best.