Creativebug Now Available at MRRL

Creativebug Now Available at MRRL

It’s always fun to create something unique and formed by your own burgeoning skills! Sometimes the hardest decision can simply be which avenue to pursue first. Even among the crafters of the world, there are so many types of art and media to learn and love and express yourself with. The joy of creating a silk dyed scarf or learning to paint in watercolors or making your first quilt are only limited by your time, access to material, and teachers. If you are crafter, then carving out time to work on your inspirations is as important as taking time to sleep and eat! The materials sometimes need to be exact equipment, but other times they can be items gathered here and there that simply seem useful or unique. However, one element that is necessary to embark on a new crafting adventure is someone to teach you the ins and outs of your new adventure. Luckily, Missouri River Regional Library has just recently contracted with an exciting new database full of lessons, ideas, crafts, and new skills waiting to happen. Welcome, Creativebug!

Creativebug has video classes on paper crafts, quilting, knitting, sewing, food, jewelry making, parties, and more. Each class explains what materials are needed and then takes you through a step-by-step video teaching everything. If you learn better by reading, each class also provides a written transcript. Have you wondered about leatherworking, but had no idea where to begin? Creativebug gets you started with several beginner classes. Then move on to something more advanced! Try combining the leatherwork with jewelry making. Would you like to try making your own Christmas stockings or tree skirt? Creativebug doesn’t offer just one idea, but a whole variety of projects in each art style.

While the crafts are practically endless, there are many other types of fun activities to try. Gardening classes start with the most basic beginners’ knowledge and then grow up into advanced skills. Cake decorating, aromatherapy, and furniture upholstering are just a few more topics. The list truly goes on and on!

Once you have played with some new creations and really fueled your imagination, try looking at the Daily Practice on Creativebug. In this section there are month-long challenges and workshops. What kind of talent will you unlock with a 30 day people watching and drawing challenge? How many beautiful items can you decorate after 2 months of daily cross stitch lessons? Even though I live for crafting, I really enjoyed “Get Unstuck: 30 Days of Overcoming Your Creative Block!” Sometimes no matter where you are in relation to creativity and fun, you simply need to be validated.

Are you a crafter who already has their chosen passion and just needs a few new ideas? Creativebug has options for you, also. Download patterns from their resource section for scads of new projects. Isn’t it time you finally made that panda hat with matching gloves? I know I’ve put it off long enough!

Creativebug offers crafts and classes for various skill levels and ages. The kids classes offer S.T.E.A.M. activities along with crafting. Explore deep space with astronomical origami and space slime.  Then travel back down to earth with a parachuting ostrich or an animatronic owl. Don’t stop above ground, though. Dive down deep and make a disco LED angler fish or a chomping shark!

Explore! Create! Have fun! Afterward, we would love to see what you have made. Share your work on our Facebook page or bring it in and show us in person. There’s never enough time to do all the interesting and enjoyable activities in the world, but with Creativebug it just became a little easier.