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Creativebug Now Available at MRRL

It’s always fun to create something unique and formed by your own burgeoning skills! Sometimes the hardest decision can simply be which avenue to pursue first. Even among the crafters of the world, there are so many types of art and media to learn and love and express yourself with.

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Fall Into The Teen Zone

August passed by and September is on its way out. Unbelievably, school has already been in session for several weeks. Teens are now fully committed to schedules of club meetings, study, and sports events. The life of a teen these days almost never slows down! The library has a place specifically for that, though!

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Summer Activities for Teens at the Library

Summer is finally here and what an awesome time to be a teen! After a year that pushed all the boundaries of patience and stress, you can finally breathe free and roam a bit! Better yet, you can breathe free inside and outside with groups of friends and in public places. It’s time to meet up with friends once again and make some fun plans. But now that you have all this freedom, what are you going to do with yourself?

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What We're Reading: "Rejected Princesses" by Jason Porath

World history has a gaping hole. There exist few well-known women in a world of documents, literature, and bardic traditions that placed men in the forefront of action, science, and renown. The women who did make their way into the history books are known to different degrees depending on how much fame they received over time.

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