River Readers

  • 61 Hours

    He was just trying to hitch a bus ride, but after an accident, Jack Reacher finds himself stranded in Bolton, S.D. The town's police department asks his help in keeping a witness alive, especially after two people have been found shot to death.

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  • Mystic

    Commoner Pomella has been invited to the trials to be the next High Mystic's apprentice. People are outraged that a commoner has been selected over a highborn, and the local royalty tell Pomella that if she goes to the trials she will be "unclaimed" or made a pariah. Pomella decides to risk it anyways.
    A surprising twist ends this fun novel.

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  • Virgin Suicides

    The shocking thing about the girls was how nearly normal they seemed when their mother let them out for the one and only date of their lives. Twenty years on, their enigmatic personalities are embalmed in the memories of the boys who worshipped them and who now recall their shared adolescence: the brassiere draped over a crucifix belonging to the promiscuous Lux; the sisters' breathtaking appearance on the night of the dance; and the sultry, sleepy street across which they watched a family disintegrate and fragile lives disappear. goodreads.com

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  • I, the Jury

    Here's Mickey Spillane and Mike Hammer in their roughest and readiest--a double-strength shot of sex, violence, and action that is vintage Spillane all the way. It's a tough-guy mystery to please even the most bloodthirsty of fans! goodreads.com

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  • Cockroaches

    When the Norwegian ambassador to Thailand is found dead in a Bangkok brothel, Inspector Harry Hole is dispatched from Oslo to help hush up the case.

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  • Midwest Medicinal Plants: Identify, Harvest, and Use 109 Wild Herbs for Health and Wellness

    Midwest Medicinal Plants is a comprehensive guide for foraging and natural medicine that is accessible to everyone, from beginners seeking reliable advice to experienced practitioners on the hunt for new information. You’ll find plant profiles, color photographs, step-by-step instruction for essential herbal remedies, and seasonal foraging tips. This must-have resource to finding, harvesting, and using wild plants covers Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Ontario.

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  • Interpreter of Maladies

    Navigating between the Indian traditions they've inherited and the baffling new world, the characters in Jhumpa Lahiri's elegant, touching stories seek love beyond the barriers of culture and generations. In "A Temporary Matter," published in The New Yorker, a young Indian-American couple faces the heartbreak of a stillborn birth while their Boston neighborhood copes with a nightly blackout. In the title story, an interpreter guides an American family through the India of their ancestors and hears an astonishing confession.

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  • Before We Were Yours

    Newly engaged Avery Stafford leaves her job as a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., to go back home to South Carolina, where she is being groomed to succeed her ailing father, a U.S. senator. At a meet-and-greet at a nursing home, she encounters May, a woman who seems to have some link with Avery's Grandma Judy, now suffering from dementia. The reader learns early on that May was once Rill Foss, one of five siblings snatched from their shanty home on the Mississippi and taken to the Memphis branch of the Tennessee Children's Home Society.

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  • The High Tide Club

    When ninety-nine-year-old heiress Josephine Bettendorf Warrick summons Brooke Trappnell to Talisa Island, her 20,000 acre remote barrier island home, Brooke is puzzled. Everybody in the South has heard about the eccentric millionaire mistress of Talisa, but Brooke has never met her. Josephine’s cryptic note says she wants to discuss an important legal matter with Brooke, who is an attorney, but Brooke knows that Mrs. Warrick has long been a client of a prestigious Atlanta law firm.

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  • Historical Dictionary of Tennis

    The sport of tennis has been played in one form or another for more than 800 years. It can trace its roots to games played by monks in the 12th century. Through the years the game has evolved from one in which the ball was struck with the hands to the modern game in which rackets are used to propel the ball in excess of 150 miles per hour. From the sport of the elite to the sport played by elite athletes, tennis has grown immensely in the past 135 years and it remains one of the few sporting pastimes that is played extensively by people of all ages and all nationalities.

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  • The Sound of Broken Glass

    In the past . . .
    On a blisteringly hot August afternoon in Crystal Palace, once home to the tragically destroyed Great Exhibition, a solitary thirteen-year-old boy meets his next door neighbor, a recently widowed young teacher hoping to make a new start in the tight-knit South London community. Drawn together by loneliness, the unlikely pair form a deep connection that ends in a shattering act of betrayal.

    In the present . . .

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  • Drums of Autumn

    From the catalog: "The saga continues ... Now Brianna has made a disturbing discovery that sends her to the stone circle and a terrifying leap into the unknown. In search of her mother and the father she has never met, she is risking her own future to try to change history and to save their lives. But as Brianna plunges into an uncharted wilderness, a heartbreaking encounter may strand her forever in the past or root her in the place she should be, where her heart and soul belong."

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  • No Fixed Address

    Felix is your typical middle school kid except for one little thing. He and his mom live in a van. It was supposed to be temporary, but as the months go by it becomes more of the norm. His mom Astrid has slumps and can't keep a job. Despite the fact that Felix has no fixed address or place to call home he is doing pretty well. He is enrolled in a French immersion school and has reconnected with his best friend. He even has a girl friend Winnie. The icing on the cake is the audition for his favorite game show.

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  • The World's Strongest Librarian

    This is a deeply personal story of one man's struggle with Tourette's as he is making his way through life. Josh Hanagarne is a librarian by calling, a family man with a loving wife and son, and a Mormon. He also happens to have Tourette's. His story is one of faith and love and exploration as he deals with normal life through the lens of Tourette's. I have never met anyone with Tourette's, but I found his struggles deeply moving. I thought it was interesting that he learned to manage his ticks through movement and exercise. I also really identified with his struggle with his faith.

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  • Feathers

    Born covered in black feathers, abandoned as a baby in the slums of the Maze, Poe has lived his entire eleven-year-old life hidden away under the protection of his adoptive father, Gabriel. He spends his days secretly helping the Mice, bands of orphans who roam the slums, but there is a whisper of an altogether more sinister figure in the shadows, making street children disappear. When Bianca, an over-protected girl from the wealthy City beyond the Wall, escapes into the Maze in search of adventure, their worlds collide.

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  • The Storm Runner

    Zane Obispo is just your normal kid living in the desert at the bottom of a volcano. Then a demon crashes a plane into the volcano and he discovers he is part of a Mayan prophecy. Zane is destined to release the god Au-Puch from his prison in the volcano and set about the destruction of the world. To help him on his journey to kill Au-Puch he has a narwal named Brooks and his uncle Hondo. Plus there are Mayan gods on his side. Of course the rest of the Mayan gods want to kill him for not only releasing Au-Puch but for being the son of a god. 

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  • The Cobalt Prince (5 Worlds #2)

    Oona, Jax and An Tzu have lit the white beacon and are now headed to Toki for the blue. There they will have to face Oona's sister and the Cobalt Prince. They will also have to discover where their friends are and hopefully rescue them. This series is so much fun and I hate having to wait for the next installment. The world-building is awesome, the art work is beautiful and the story will keep you wanting more.

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  • Mandolin for Dummies

    This book is a step by step introduction to learning the mandolin. I had planned to teach myself by YouTube videos but when they moved too fast this book was the perfect remedy.

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  • Every Heart A Doorway

    The children being cared for at Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children, the children have traveled to different worlds and for some reason or other had to return. They spend their days trying to find their doors to their worlds again or trying to move on and exist in the "real" world. When the students start dying, it is up to the new girl, Nancy, and her new found friends to try to find out what is happening and why.

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  • Amal Unbound

    Twelve-year-old Amal lived a rather ordinary life in her small Pakistani village with her mother, father and sisters. She dreamed of continuing her education and becoming a teacher. As the oldest, it often fell to Amal to help out with her sisters during her mother’s most recent pregnancy. When her mother gave birth to yet another girl, she fell into a deep depression forcing Amal to delay her education and care for her family. The world as she knew came crashing down one fatal afternoon when she disrespected a member of her village’s ruling family.

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  • An American Marriage

    Celestial and Roy seemed to be on their way to their dream lives. Then Roy was wrongfully accused of a crime that sent him to prison. This is the story of what can happen to love and life in an instant.

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  • 15-Minute Yoga

    From Ulrica Norberg, a renowned yoga teacher and author, comes 15-Minute Yoga, a guide to beneficial yoga poses and nutritional tips for practitioners of all levels. By integrating fifteen minutes of yoga into one’s schedule, those who yearn for a better quality of life will find balance and peace in each day.

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  • How to Stop Feeling Like Shit

    How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t is a straight-shooting approach to self-improvement for women, one that offers no-crap truth-telling about the most common self-destructive behaviors women tend to engage in. From listening to the imposter complex and bitchy inner critic to catastrophizing and people-pleasing, Andrea Owen--a nationally sought-after life coach--crystallizes what's behind these invisible, undermining habits. With each chapter, she kicks women's gears out of autopilot and empowers them to create happier, more fulfilling lives.

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  • Redbreast

    The Redbreast is a fabulous introduction to Nesbø’s tough-as-nails series protagonist, Oslo police detective Harry Hole. A brilliant and epic novel, breathtaking in its scope and design—winner of The Glass Key for best Nordic crime novel and selected as the best Norwegian crime novel ever written by members of Norway’s book clubs—The Redbreast is a chilling tale of murder and betrayal that ranges from the battlefields of World War Two to the streets of modern-day Oslo. Follow Hole as he races to stop a killer and disarm a ticking time-bomb from his nation’s shadowy past.

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  • Missouri Hauntings

    Discover spirited happenings throughout Missouri! Visit Branson where the ghost of actor Cameron Mitchell smiles at people in gift shops and restaurants. Witness long-dead soldiers still fighting at Wilson Creek National Battlefield. Stop by Springfield to see a ghost cat that runs the stairs of Pythian Castle. Learn about shadow figures at North Lawn and Salem Cedar Grove cemeteries in Salem, and hear the cry of the Banshee at Devil's Elbow. Make your acquaintance with "famous" ghosts of Billy the Kid, pianist Scott Joplin, outlaws Jessie and Frank James, Bonnie and Clyde, and Wyatt Earp.

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  • My Gun is Quick

    Book two of the Mickey Spillane mystery series of Mike Hammer the toughest Private Detective in the business.

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  • Paper Girls, Vol. 4

    The mind-bending, time-warping adventure from BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and CLIFF CHIANG continues, as intrepid newspaper deliverer Tiffany is launched from the prehistoric past into the year 2000! In this harrowing version of our past, Y2K was even more of a cataclysm than experts feared, and the only person who can save the future is a 12-year-old girl from 1988. goodreads.com

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  • Missing You

    It's a profile, like all the others on the online dating site. But as NYPD Detective Kat Donovan focuses on the accompanying picture, she feels her whole world explode, as emotions she's ignored for decades come crashing down on her. Staring back at her is her ex-fiance; Jeff, the man who shattered her heart-and who she hasn't seen in 18 years. Kat feels a spark, wondering if this might be the moment when past tragedies recede and a new world opens up to her.

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  • What are you Afraid of?


    They aren’t the kind of women anyone misses. Truck-stop hookers, runaways . . . no one would even notice they’d disappeared if the killer didn’t photograph their lifeless bodies, posed in the back of a semi-trailer. Exactly like the infamous Trucker murders. But this isn’t just a copycat. It’s a vendetta.


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  • I'll Be Watching You

    Taylor Halstead, psychologist and successful radio personality, is terrified that she'll never be safe again. Coming on the heels of a series of tragic and terrible events, the e-mail sends chills racing up her spine. Her safe, secure world has already been violated by her cousin Stephanie's boyfriend, Gordon Mallory, in her own apartment. Only the door buzzer and Stephanie's intervening voice rescue her, but not before Gordon promises to return. Soon after, he is killed along with Stephanie in an inexplicable explosion aboard his yacht. Or is he?

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  • Every Heart a Doorway

    Nancy has just arrived at Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children. This is not your normal boarding school. It is a school for children who have traveled to other worlds and for one reason or another been sent back to their original world. These kids no longer fit in and miss their "homes". Nancy was in a world of the dead and when students start turning up dead she is suspected. It is up to her and her newfound friends to figure out who is killing everyone before the school has to be closed. 

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  • The Deal of a Lifetime

    This novella is in the form of a letter from a father to his adult son. The father is reminiscing about what a terrible father he has been and how he regrets that he can never change that. What he is going to do is change a person's fate. The man has had cancer and in the hospital met another patient, a 5 year old girl. They have both seen the woman in the gray sweater. In fact the man has seen her at several points in his life. She comes to collect the dead. When he sees her coming to collect the little girl he makes a pivotal decision that will change both of their lives.

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  • Scythe

    We have finally reached Immortality along with a Governmental Utopia. Everything is perfect and when someone gets deathly hurt they are just sent off to a recovery center to heal and be fine within a few days. But what about the population problem? If everyone is immortal then the world would be overpopulated in no time. In come the Scythes, these are humans who's job is to kill a certain amount of people each month. They have specific rules to follow but some see these as minor guidelines.

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  • A Lady of the west

    Victoria Waverly, noble daughter of the war-ruined South, is sold in marriage to a ruthless rancher. Honor and pride help her endure life as a wife in name only but nothing can quench her forbidden desire for hired gunman Jake Roper. His gaze is hard, but tenderness he can't hide promises to unveil to Victoria the mysteries of love.

    Only true love can destroy....

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  • Deep Freeze

    When Virgil Flowers gets involved in a murder investigation, it usually goes sideways, with a good dose of laughter. His return to Trippton, Minnesota, is no exception, where one of the planners for a class reunion has turned up frozen in a block of ice -- and even the killer isn't sure how. While tracking the killer, the governor has requested Flowers look into another case in the area involving Barbie and Ken dolls that have been...altered...by someone who everyone is protecting.

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  • Gone Tomorrow

    A woman on the subway car is acting suspiciously, and Jack Reacher's training tells him why: she must be a suicide bomber. He confronts her and she kills herself, but there's no bomb to be found.

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  • Nothing to Lose

    The story opens on Jack Reacher between Hope and Despair -- literally. In the 12th book of Lee Child's popular series, Reacher finds that Despair is a place that doesn't want visitors, and soon finds himself in jail for vagrancy. Determined to explore what the town might be hiding, he encounters a beautiful deputy down the road in Hope and, later, stumbles upon a dead body between the towns.

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  • The Queen's Rising (Queen's Rising #1)

    I liked this book a lot because it was a bit different. While the dysopian society is similar to others, I liked the idea of belonging to a passion. I'm not sure I would want that passion to decide my fate, but I guess in a way that is what choosing a career does - just not usually at seventeen. I had a little trouble keeping everyone straight, but the charts at the front were a good reference tool. I began to care for many of the characters and look forward to the next book to see how Brienna and the others fare.

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  • Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee

    This book reminded me of the real life story of Jaycee Dugard who reappeared after 18 years. She had two children and quite a story. This one makes sense because of the guilt Amy feels, both for having gone meekly along instead of resisting and for the act that results in her return. The secrets she keeps and the fear she feels are believable. It is also nice to see someone trying to make decisions that protect someone else and not taking the easy route to save one's self or make life simple. Not an easy read, but worth it.

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  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2)

    Listening to this second book gave me new insights into my favorite series. I keep uncovering things I don't remember reading or have forgotten since watching the movies after reading the book. Jim Dale once again transports the listener back to Hogwarts and makes you feel such a part of the action. I can visualize the characters and the places with ease - even ones I had forgotten about. As always it was fun to rediscover Dobby, the Forbidden Forest and the beginning of Harry and Ginny's love.

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  • Fairy Tale Rituals: Engage the Dark, Eerie & Erotic Power of Familiar Stories

    This was not exactly what I was expecting. It was a much darker look at the fairy tales I love. While I enjoy a good fractured tale or a remake, this book had me looking at the stories in too much of a literal tunnel. The idea of Snow White being a 7-9 year old girl who "marries" the dwarves or the more pagan/Wiccan rituals that are suggested were not my cup of tea. I know Grimm's stories are much darker than Disney's, but that doesn't mean I enjoy looking at them through the eyes of a pedophile either.

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  • Witch Boy

    This graphic novel was recommended by Kayla and I really enjoyed it. The story was done in a subtle fashion that didn't preach. The differences between Aster and the other boys was defined, however neither the girls or the boys seemed to know what to make of him. It took his elderly grandmother and a girl from the wrong neighborhood to help Aster discover who he truly is and how to accept the differences about him.

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  • I've Got My Eyes on You

    This was an interesting page-turner. Not your typical murder mystery, it had a decent amount of twists and false clues to keep you interested. I had my suspicions about the actual killer from the beginning, but not for the reason they ended up being the killer. This one had some nice romance and closure for the family and those falsely believed to be involved.

    A new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author and “Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark.

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  • Unicorn of Many Hats: Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventures Volume 7

    Another Phoebe and Marigold adventure! This one was perhaps my least favorite but I still loved it!
    This volume is back to being in comic strip form with the subject jumping around but it is still easy to follow. Perhaps one of the biggest disappointments in this volume was there was no educational excerpt at the back. This has been one of my favorite features of the series. The glossary is there (because of Phoebe's exceptional vocabulary, of course).

    I am anxiously awaiting Volume 5 to become available at my library because it is another graphic novel.

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  • Indexing

    Ghostbusters meets Brother’s Grimm!
    This title was soo good, I read it at 2nd time; actually my husband and I read it to each other (and I submitted the review to the newspaper)

    What if fairy tales pick people to be their vehicles, so their story can be told? What if some people are born predisposed to being an archetypal character or more precisely a fairy tale character? What happens in this tale, is that these narratives get out of control and become deadly. Because these aren’t Disney’s versions, these are the Brother’s Grimm.

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  • The Wolf Hour

    Angie's description made this title sound similar to Seanan McGuire's book Indexing, where narratives can control people's lives. While I managed to finish this book, I found the tension to be excessive. Things go from struggling, to worse and worse, and the protagonist makes stupid decisions. Interesting, but not my cup of tea.

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  • As Chimney Sweepers Come To Dust

    Hard on the heels of the return of her mother’s body from the frozen reaches of the Himalayas, Flavia, for her indiscretions, is banished from her home at Buckshaw and shipped across the ocean to Miss Bodycote’s Female Academy in Toronto, her mother’s alma mater, there to be inducted into a mysterious organization known as the Nide.

    No sooner does she arrive, however, than a body comes crashing down out of the chimney and into her room, setting off a series of investigations into mysterious disappearances of girls from the school.


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  • Mirror Touch: Notes from a Doctor Who Can Feel Your Pain

    A doctor with a rare—seemingly superhuman—neurological trait takes us on a compelling tour deep into the human brain in this blend of memoir and scientific exploration that combines the compassionate wisdom of Oliver Sacks and the personal revelations of Jill Bolte Taylor’s My Stroke of Insight.

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  • Lawless

    The Arizona Territory was a dangerous place, but gunslinger Jake Redman was half-Apache and all man--more than a match for the wilderness. Sarah Conway was something else again. She was every inch an Eastern lady, yet she was determined to make Lone Bluff her home.

    Jake was annoyed to find himself playing guardian angel to this tantalizing innocent--even more disgusted to find he liked it. Little did he suspect that beneath Sarah's ladylike demeanor beat the heart of a frontier woman ant that her body yearned for his hard embrace, her heart for his words of love .. . .

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  • Little Night

    An emotionally gripping family drama from beloved New York Times bestseller Luanne Rice

    Clare Burke’s life took a devastating turn when she tried to protect her sister, Anne, from an abusive and controlling husband and ended up serving prison time for assault. The verdict largely hinged on Anne’s defense of her spouse—all lies—and the sisters have been estranged ever since. Nearly twenty years later, Clare is living a quiet life in Manhattan as an urban birder and nature blogger, when her niece, Grit, turns up on her doorstep.

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  • The Guardian

    Julie Barenson's young husband left her two unexpected gifts before he died: a Great Dane puppy named Singer and the promise that he would always be watching over her. Now, four years have passed. Still living in the small town of Swansboro, North Carolina, 29-year-old Julie is emotionally ready to make a commitment to someone again. But who? Should it be Richard Franklin, the handsome, sophisticated engineer who treats her like a queen? Or Mike Harris, the down-to-earth nice guy who was her husband's best friend?

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  • Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Vol. 6: The Magic Storm

    Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventure down and I think it was my favorite yet! The other volumes have been compilations of comic strips which sometimes jump from subject to subject. This one was an actual graphic novel!
    I enjoyed following an entire story with Phoebe, Marigold, Dakota and Max trying to discover the cause of a power outage.

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  • Court of Thorns and Roses

    When Feyre mistakenly kills a fae disguised as a wolf in her forest, she must pay the price laid out in the treaty. Spend her eternity in the realm of the fairies across the wall that was erected during a war between the fairies and humans years ago. She lives in dread as to what she will find there and wonders whether she will survive. Under the watch of the High Lord of the Spring Court, Tamlin, she finds life is not at all what she expected.

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  • The Kiss Quotient

    Stella Lane thinks math is the only thing that unites the universe. She comes up with algorithms to predict customer purchases--a job that has given her more money than she knows what to do with, and way less experience in the dating department than the average thirty-year-old.

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  • Quiet Girl in a Noisy World: An Introvert's Story

    Sweet, funny, and quietly poignant, Debbie Tung’s comics reveal the ups and downs of coming of age as an introvert.

    This illustrated gift book of short comics illuminates author Debbie Tung's experience as an introvert in an extrovert’s world. Presented in a loose narrative style that can be read front to back or dipped into at one’s leisure, the book spans three years of Debbie's life, from the end of college to the present day. In these early years of adulthood, Debbie slowly but finally discovers there is a name for her lifelong need to be alone: she’s an introvert.

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  • The Poet X

    Xiomara tells her story through beautiful poetry. Hers is a tale of heartache and sorrow. Xiomara is buxom and beautiful in a way that causes men and boys to look at her and comment. She is not religious or devoted in the way her mother wants her to be and this causes endless strain between them. She is tough where her twin brother is not but she can't always protect him. Her poems tell the story of her struggles to find a voice and to find a place for herself. They tell of her struggles with her mother and her faith. They tell of her first love and first heartbreak.

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  • The Chilbury Ladies' Choir

    Kent during the beginnings of WWII is nearly devoid of men. When choir mistress Prim decides to recreate the Chilbury Choir into the Chilbury Ladies Choir she shocks many of those around her. But that doesn't stop all the women from joining and creating a uniquely feminine sound. This epistolary novel is told through the letters and journals of several of the members of the choir. 

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  • About That Kiss (Heartbreaker Bay #5)

    A fun continuation of the Heartbreaker series. That is one magical fountain and the lives of those who live nearby are well worth learning about. I'm enjoying how each new stories increases the back stories and expands the characters as a whole and individually. Fun and light.

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  • Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie

    This is not your mother's Nancy Drew! While there have been a lot of updated Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys stories, this one is definitely more adult. The cops are tougher, the plot is personal and the surprises are plentiful. The noir look is much darker, but fits the theme. I did like how their were ties back to the younger stories though. I will read another volume with no problem.

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  • The Wendy Project

    I just happened upon this book while shelving in the Teen Zone. It was an interesting take on Peter Pan. I couldn't imagine losing my younger brother to an accident that I caused, so it makes sense that Wendy would need time and maybe a dream to accept this new reality.

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  • Batman Strikes! Catwoman Gets Busted by the Batman (vol 6)

    My goal is to read all Batman/Catwoman stories, so every time I come across one I have to grab it. This was a quick read with a little mystery and some back and forth romance just the way I like it.

    A thief is stealing priceless diamonds in Gotham City, and the cops are hot on the trail of Catwoman for the crime. The Batman knows she’s innocent, but will he be able to stop the police? -Goodreads.

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  • Traitor's Game

    Princess Kestra born into a wealthy noble family is kidnapped and blackmailed into finding the Olden Blade, the only weapon that can kill the brutal repressive emperor. Lots of twists and turns and reveals. A bit too much tension for my taste, but Kestra is a worthy hero.

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  • Animal Farm

    The animals have taken over Manor Farm. They have kicked farmer Jones off the land and decided to run it themselves. Everything starts out really well. They come up with the seven commandments of animalism and all work cooperatively. Then the pigs, who are in charge because they are the smartest, start changing things. The other animals are working harder for less and the pigs are working less for more. Soon their animal utopia turns into something else.

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  • Howl and Other Poems

    Let me preface this by saying that I am not that familiar with Ginsberg and the beat movement. Poetry has never been my thing. I find reading poetry difficult unless you read it aloud. Poetry seems to be a format that begs to be spoken aloud and can hide its depths if you just read the words on a page. So I read Howl aloud and felt moved it. I didn't get all the references, but I don't think I had to. I could hear the pain and the frustration and the desire to howl in the words.

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  • Bitsy's Bait & BBQ

    Emma has always taken care of her younger sister Katy. So when Katy buys a restaurant in the Ozarks sight unseen she goes reluctantly along to help. Bitsy's B&B turns out to be Bitsy's Bait and BBQ and offers quite the challenge to the sisters. The biggest challenge is that neither of them know a thing about BBQ. But the town wants them to succeed and helps them out.

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  • P. S. I Like You

    While spacing out in chemistry class, Lily scribbles some of her favorite song lyrics onto her desk. The next day, she finds that someone has continued the lyrics on the desk and added a message to her. Intrigue!

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  • The Distance Between Us

    Seventeen-year-old Caymen Meyers studies the rich like her own personal science experiment, and after years of observation she’s pretty sure they’re only good for one thing—spending money on useless stuff, like the porcelain dolls in her mother’s shop.

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  • Tell Me

    Shy bookstore owner Jane Finch grew up hiding in the margins of her own life while her vibrant, adventure-loving sister, Samantha, dominated every plotline. She’s made peace with it, unlike Sam’s business partner, Caleb, who’s always nudging Jane to go after what she really wants. Why should she care what blunt, brash Caleb thinks? They’ve never had much in common, except for Sam.

    After tragedy strikes, they don’t even have that.

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  • Island of Glass

    As the hunt for the Star of Ice leads the six guardians to Ireland, Doyle, the immortal, must face his tragic past. Three centuries ago, he closed off his heart, yet his warrior spirit is still drawn to the wild. And there’s no one more familiar with the wild than Riley—and the wolf within her...

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  • Bay of Sighs

    To celebrate the rise of their new queen, three goddesses of the moon created three stars, one of fire, one of ice, one of water. But then they fell from the sky, putting the fate of all worlds in danger. And now three women and three men join forces to pick up the pieces.

    Mermaid Annika is from the sea, and it is there she must return after her quest to find the stars. New to this world, her purity and beauty are nothing less than breathtaking, along with her graceful athleticism, as her five new friends discovered when they retrieved the fire star.

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  • Stars of Fortune

    Sasha Riggs is a reclusive artist, haunted by vivid dreams and nightmares that she turns into extraordinary paintings. Desperate to understand her visions, she finds herself drawn to the Greek island of Corfu.

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  • The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck

    Becoming a Christian is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to Sarah Hollenbeck. Best because, well, that's obvious. Worst because, up to this point, she's made her very comfortable living as a well-known, bestselling author of steamy romance novels that would leave the members of her new church blushing. Now Sarah is trying to reconcile her past with the future she's chosen. She's still under contract with her publisher and on the hook with her enormous fan base for the kind of book she's not sure she can write anymore.

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  • The Fill In Boyfriend

    When Gia Montgomery's boyfriend, Bradley, dumps her in the parking lot of her high school prom, she has to think fast. After all, she'd been telling her friends about him for months now. This was supposed to be the night she proved he existed. So when she sees a cute guy waiting to pick up his sister, she enlists his help. The task is simple: be her fill-in boyfriend—two hours, zero commitment, a few white lies. After that, she can win back the real Bradley.

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  • Flood

    A sparkling debut set in Mark Twain's boyhood town, FLOOD is a story of what it means to be lost…and found.

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  • A Confusion of Princes

    Khemry has been raised to be one of the millions of princes in the Galaxy. He thinks its about honor and a life of luxury. Yet when he graduates to full prince and receiving his first priest - a chief assassin - another prince attempts to kill him off shooting at him from the corners.
    Khemry has to learn quickly how to survive. He's been raised to think he is superior to normal humans, however several of his trials, involve turning off his advanced biomech, psymech, and other cybernetic improvements. He needs to learn some humility as well.

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  • False Prince

    Sage and several other orphan boys are rounded and have 2 weeks to learn how to imitate the Lost Prince Jaron. Those failing the audition will be killed, escape is Not a real option.

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  • The President Is Missing

    Uneasy lies the head of the person who is the President of the United States. This thriller, copenned by former president Clinton ("42") and best-selling author Patterson, opens with President Duncan preparing for an impeachment hearing. He has been accused of preventing the death of known terrorist Suliman Cindoruk, who is still on the loose. But unbeknownst to his congressional accusers, Duncan needs to keep Cindoruk alive because of a cyberterrorism threat known as Dark Ages.

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  • Rock Me

    Bodyguard Bad Boys ... Sexy, Hot, and oh so protective!A pop star in danger. Her reluctant bodyguard. A past they can't deny. Summer Michelle is on the verge of ultimate fame. Ben Hollander has sworn off mixing business with pleasure. But keeping his hands off of the sexy songstress is easier said than done and once the threat is neutralized, will she choose fame over love? --MRRL Catalog

    Spicy Romance--loved it!

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  • Caraval

    I'm not sure if I just really liked this book or if it was because it reminds me of one of my favorite books from my younger days Something Wicked This Way Comes. Ray Bradbury's book and the movie that came out where two of my favorite "scary" tales that still taught life lessons. That was how I saw this book. The idea of not being sure what was fantasy and reality, the fact Scarlett couldn't always tell who to trust, but her own heart, made it worth reading. I like a surprise or two at the end and am ready to read the next one.

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  • Forgotten Book

    I liked this book because it was nothing like I thought it would be. The idea of a magical book always catches my interest. The fact that this one had been around for years and seemed to still be effective was intriguing. I would read more of her work.

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  • Unforgivable

    At first, Mia Voss thinks it’s just bad luck when her already lousy day ends with a carjacking, but what seems like a random incident is followed by another sinister episode. A DNA expert, Mia has made it her mission to put away vicious criminals. Suddenly, she’s become the target of one. And the only way to protect the people she loves most is to deliberately destroy her reputation and risk letting a killer walk free.

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  • Unspeakable

    Elaina McCord's dream of being an FBI profiler is threatened by her very first case - investigating a string of murders near a Texas beach resort. The victims, all young women, were drugged and brutally murdered, their bodies abandoned in desolate marshland. Elaina's hunch - met with disbelief by local police - is that these are only the latest offerings from a serial killer who has been perfecting his art for years, growing bolder and more cunning with each strike.

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  • The Great Alone

    Alaska, 1974.
    Unpredictable. Unforgiving. Untamed.
    For a family in crisis, the ultimate test of survival.

    Ernt Allbright, a former POW, comes home from the Vietnam war a changed and volatile man. When he loses yet another job, he makes an impulsive decision: he will move his family north, to Alaska, where they will live off the grid in America’s last true frontier.

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  • The City on the Other Side

    When a wealthy and sheltered young girl stumbles into a pitched war between two fairy kingdoms, the fate of San Francisco itself hangs in the balance!

    The first decade of the twentieth century is coming to a close, and San Francisco is still recovering from the great earthquake of 1906. Isabel watched the destruction safely from her window, sheltered within her high-society world.

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  • Please Look After Mom

    An international sensation and a bestseller that has sold over 1.5 million copies author's Korea, Please Look After Mom is a stunning, deeply moving story of a family's search for their missing mother - and their discovery of the desires, heartaches and secrets they never realized she harbored within.

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  • The self-driven child : the science and sense of giving your kids more control over their lives

    A few years ago, Bill Stixrud and Ned Johnson started noticing the same problem from different angles: Even high-performing kids were coming to them acutely stressed and lacking any real motivation. Many complained that they had no control over their lives. Some stumbled in high school or hit college and unraveled. Bill is a clinical neuropsychologist who helps kids gripped by anxiety or struggling to learn. Ned is a motivational coach who runs an elite tutoring service. Together they discovered that the best antidote to stress is to give kids more of a sense of control over their lives.

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  • The Thorn Necklace

    In this long-anticipated guide to the craft of writing, Block offers an intimate glimpse of an artist at work and a detailed guide to help readers channel their own experiences and creative energy. Sharing visceral insights and powerful exercises, she gently guides us down the write-to-heal path, revealing at each turn the intrinsic value of channeling our experiences onto the page. 

    Named for the painting by Frida Kahlo, who famously transformed her own personal suffering into art, The Thorn Necklace offers lessons on life, love, and the creative process.

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  • The Marriage Trap

    To satisfy his late father’s wishes, hot and single billionaire Michael Conte must find a bride—someone who will fit into his traditional family back home in Italy—and fast, so his engaged sister will be allowed to wed. With no intention of being tied down, Michael “proposes” to fiery, free-spirited photographer Maggie Ryan: if she will play the part of his fiancée during her trip to Milan for a photo shoot, he will keep away from her married best friend, Alexa, and stop making Maggie nuts with their too-close-for- comfort flirtations.

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  • Zorro

    Diego dela Vega is the son of Spanish aristocracy who witnesses the brutal injustices of the poor and the weak. Sent to Barcelona, Spain to further his education, Diego joins a secret underground resistance movement to help those who cannot help themselves. Thus is born the legend of Zorro who returns to America to fight for truth and justice.

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  • The Baller

    The first time I met Brody Easton was in the men's locker room.
    It was my first interview as a professional sportscaster.
    The famed quarterback decided to bare all.
    And by all, I don't mean he told me any of his secrets.
    No. The arrogant ass decided to drop his towel, just as I asked the first question. On camera.
    The Super Bowl MVP quickly adopted a new hobby--screwing with me.
    When I pushed back, he shifted from wanting to screw with me, to wanting to screw me.
    But I don't date players.

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  • Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Volume 4: Razzle Dazzle Unicorn

    Razzle, Dazzle Unicorn is the fourth in the Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventures and it was just as good as the first three! Phoebe and her imaginary unicorn friend, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils get into all kinds of mischief. It is the perfect mix of adult and kid humor which makes it a wonderful choice for a parent and child to read together.

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  • A Time to Change

    Lou was unhappy in her life. She feels responsible for the death of her mother and her brothers blame her. When she goes to the abandoned old mansion on the hill she slips through a time warp and ends up in 1913 at the pinnacle of the house's existence. Welcomed heartily by the family of the manor, the Mandeville's, she was expected by them.
    Lou soon finds that her mission is to help the Mandeville's and to try to prevent the family tragedies that unfold in the future.

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  • Buffalo Soldier

    Having stumbled onto a plot within his homeland of Jamaica, former espionage agent, Desmond Coke, finds himself caught between warring religious and political factions, all vying for control of a mysterious boy named Lij Tafari.

    Wanting the boy to have a chance to live a free life, Desmond assumes responsibility for him and they flee. But a dogged enemy agent remains ever on their heels, desperate to obtain the secrets held within Lij for her employer alone.

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  • Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

    Bernadette is an eccentric woman with many hidden secrets. A genius, a bother, a wife and mother all describe her to a tea. When her daughter gets straight A’s at school and has been promised a reward trip to Antarctica things begin to unravel.

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  • A Dangerous Place

    It is 1937 and Private Investigator Maisie Dobbs has not been back home to England for the last four years. She had thought that she had found love when sudden tragedy struck and both her husband and unborn child were killed in an accident. Finally on her way home, she makes a stop at the English garrison of Gibraltar, "a dangerous place" everyone assures her now with the war in Spain heating up. It is here that Maisie becomes embroiled in yet another mystery of murder and political intrigue. It is here that Maisie must reconcile her past with her future.

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  • Peril At End House

    Hercule Poirot is vacationing on the Cornish coast when he meets Nick Buckly. Nick is the young and reckless mistress of End House, an imposing structure perched on the rocky cliffs of St. Loo. Hercule Poirot is vacationing on the Cornish coast when he meets Nick Buckly. Nick is the young and reckless mistress of End House, an imposing structure perched on the rocky cliffs of St. Loo.

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  • Wyrd Sisters

    Kingdoms wobble, crowns topple and knives flash on the magical Discworld as the statutory three witches meddle in royal politics. The wyrd sisters battle against frightful odds to put the rightful king on the throne. At least, that's what they think...
    -- From Goodreads

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  • The Grip Of It

    James and Julie are ready to take their marriage to the next level and buy their first home. The newpaper ad sounded too good to be true and the home itself had more than what they desired. They bought it, fell in love with it, and continued on with their lives.

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  • Dead Street

    For 20 years, former NYPD cop Jack Stang has lived with the memory of his girlfriend's death in an attempted abduction. But what if she weren't actually dead? What if she somehow secretly survived - but lost her sight, and her memory, and everything else she had - except her enemies? Jack has a second chance to save her. goodreads.com

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  • Not Funny Ha-Ha: A Handbook for Something Hard

    Not Funny Ha-Ha is a bold, slightly wry graphic novel illustrating the lives of two young women from different cultural, family, and financial backgrounds who go through two different abortions (medical and surgical). It follows them through the process of choosing a clinic, reaching out to friends, partners, and/or family, and eventually the procedure(s) itself. It simply shows what happens when a woman goes through it, no questions asked. Despite the fact that so many women and girls have abortions every day, in every city, all around us, it can be a lonely experience.

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  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post

    Life as Cameron knew it came to a screeching halt after her parents were killed in a car wreck. Cameron's ultra-religious aunt came to live with her and her grandmother to help take care of Cameron. Struggling with her sexual identity and guilt over her parents' death, Cameron experimented with drugs, alcohol and girls. When one of her friends confessed to their preacher about a make-out session with Cameron, her aunt sent her away to a school for "re-education" or to try to cure Cameron of her homosexuality.

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  • La Belle Sauvage

    Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy is one of my all-time favorite series. It has been seventeen years since the first volume, The Golden Compass, hit the shelves with rave reviews among critics and controversy. Pullman wove a fierce, fantastic and magical adventure, arguably one of the best fantasy series in young adult literature. The series is set in and out of a world where people’s psyches walk around outside of themselves as animals and other worlds are just a tear away in the fabric of the universe.

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  • Imperial Earth

    Duncan is the third clone of the founder of the Titan colony. The first generation, Malcolm, discovered a genetic defect that made it impossible for him to produce heirs. Thus every generation a new clone is created to carry on the family line and keep control of Titan. Duncan is being sent back to earth for the 500th anniversary of the American independence and of course to create his own clone replacement. He hopes to reconnect with a woman, Calindy, he met on Titan many years ago and to solve the mystery of what happened to his friend Karl when Calindy left. 

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  • Misfit City

    Nothing’s happened in Wilder’s hometown since they filmed that cult kids’ adventure movie there in the 80s…Until one day, she and her friends come upon a centuries-old pirate map!

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