River Readers

  • The Bridge Home

    Viji and her sister Rukku flee an abusive father and find themselves in the city on their own. The city is a scary place and they encounter people who could hurt them. However, they also find friends. There is a friendly teashop lady who gives them food and supplies. They also meet Arul and Muthu, two boys living under a bridge, who help show them the ropes. They learn to pick recyclables out of the trash heaps around the city and sell them. They also learn how to survive on the streets on their own. But then the rainy season comes and Rukku and Muthu get sick.

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  • Just Jaime

    It is the last day of seventh grade and Jaime and her best friend Maya are on the outs. Ever since Celia joined their group things have been getting awkward for Jaime. She doesn't like the same "mature" things the others like. So on the last day of school, Celia makes Maya break up with her. Jaime is heartbroken but finds there are other kids who have similar interests to her and who she has been ignoring while in her group.

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  • Lalani of the Distant Sea

    The Island of Sanlagita is not a happy place. There is a drought and not enough water to feed the people or the plants. People get sick and don't get better. They keep sending their strongest boys on sailing trips across the sea to find the mystical Isa, but none have ever returned. Lalani is a curious girl who wants to help her people. One day she finds herself on the mysterious mountain Kahna where she meets a man who grants her a wish. Of course the wish turns out badly and things get even worse for the Sanlagitas.

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  • All the Greys on Greene Street

    Olly lives with her artist mom and dad in a Soho loft in 1981. Dad has run off to France with a new girlfriend and mom has gone to bed with no intention of getting up. Olly relies on her friends Richard and Alex and a network of adults to help her out. Of course she doesn't tell them about her mom or how difficult life at home has become. It doesn't help that a mysteries man is trying to contact her dad and his partner Apollo about a missing piece of art. There is a lot going on for one young girl to keep track of. 

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  • The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson

    Walter Mortinson is an inventor in a town that does not appreciate anyone doing anything outside of the ordinary. His mother would like him to join the family mortuary business but Walter is not interested. He wants to be like his father who was also a great inventor and made life interesting until an unfortunate accident. When he finds a letter inviting him to meet the great Horace Flasterborn on Flaster Island he decides to make the cross-country trip. He is joined by Cordelia who has her own reasons for going to Flaster Island.

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  • Wilder Girls

    The Raxter School for Girls in Maine has been put under quaranteen. The girls there are being transformed by the Tox. Some girls come out of it ok, but others do not survive their transformations. Food has been getting scarcer and things have been going on for a long time. The girls form groups to help each other survive because the Tox isn't just transforming them but the world around them as well. When Hetty's best friend Byatt goes missing she is determined to find out what happened to her and what is going on at Raxter. 

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  • The Line Tender

    Lucy and Fred are working on a Field Guide during their summer vacation. They write up any animals they encounter. When a white shark is caught in a fisherman's nets they decide to include it. The shark leads them to Lucy's mom who was a marine biologist and died several years ago. She was an expert on sharks and had many papers for them to refer to. Then tragedy strikes Lucy's young life for a second time. She is left on her own and turns to the sharks in her grief. She follows the trail laid down in her mom's last research paper.

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  • Thick As Thieves

    Kamet is the personal slave of Nahuseresh. He's in charge of all his master's accounts and keeping the household running smoothly. When Kamet is tipped off that Nahuseresh has been murdered, he fears his fate and accepts the help of a mysterious soldier from Attolia.

    This is the story of Kamet's journey away from the only way of life he has known into Attolia, a place he has no affection for ruled by a king he has no respect for.

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  • Normal People

    When Connell picks his mom up from her job as his classmate Marianne's family's housekeeper, he and Marianne discover an unusual connection. Though Connell is a well-liked athlete and Marianne is seen as an antisocial outsider, they're both known as their high school's brightest: their first, and lasting, bond. The secrecy of their relationship creates a shelter in which to explore their intense chemistry, both intellectual and sexual, before Connell blithely betrays Marianne, and they both leave their small town for Dublin's Trinity College.

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  • The Exception

    There are exceptions to every rule...

    Jada Stanley is starting over--freeing herself from her past and all her mistakes. Following the rules she's given herself is easy enough, until she meets HIM. He’s gorgeous, cocky, and everything she needs to avoid, but that’s easier said than done.

    Cane Alexander has his own set of rules, a plan to keep his life simple and free of complications. But Jada is a temptation he can't resist.

    As their lives entwine, they realize one thing about rules... There is always an exception. Goodreads

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  • The Queen: the Forgotten Life Behind an American Myth

    Levin, the national editor of Slate, writes a stunning account of Linda Taylor, the woman famously tagged as a welfare queen in the 1970s. His powerful work of narrative nonfiction shows how Taylor victimized a slew of vulnerable people, was a victim herself, and was the cause of Black welfare recipients being stereotyped as welfare cheats.

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  • Like A Love Story

    Reza has just moved to NYC by way of Toronto via Iran. His mother has remarried and they have moved and now live with his stepfather and stepbrother. He is anxious about starting a new school and a new life but he is mostly anxious because Reza knows he is gay.

    The story takes place in 1989 the only images Reza sees of the gay community are those of people dying with AIDS. The thought paralyzes him with fear not to mention the cultural implications of being Iranian and gay.

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  • Mother-In-Law

    Hepworth (The Family Next Door, 2018) turns up the tension in her latest Australian-set domestic-suspense novel. Lucy's ties with her husband's mother, Diana, have always been fraught with tension, especially disappointing because Lucy had delighted at the prospect of a mother figure in her life after her own passed away. Lucy and Diana were never on the same page, and so it's with mixed feelings that Lucy receives the news of Diana's sudden death.

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  • The First Conspiracy

    Before George Washington was president, he was also the commander of the revolutionary army. Not as well known, is the conspiracy to kidnap or kill Washington at the beginning of the war. Why the plot failed is due to the introduction of counterintelligence -- along with many coincidence and a dose of dumb luck. The story is told, pieced together from writings, records, and letters, in an engaging radio serial style, with each chapter setting up the next portion of the story.

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  • The Road Home

    "From #1 New York Times bestselling author Richard Paul Evans, the dramatic conclusion in the riveting Broken Road trilogy--a powerful redemption story about finding happiness on a pilgrimage across iconic Route 66"
    -- Provided by publisher.

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