The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Make Your Loved Ones’ Lives Easier and Your Own Life More Pleasant

You had me at Death Cleaning. Ever since I saw the title of this book last fall I have wanted to read it. I didn’t even know Swedish Death Cleaning was a thing, but it is and it is awesome. Basically, Margareta Magnusson is the granny everyone needs in their lives. She is wise and funny and I bet would be wonderful to talk to. Her advice is to give things away before you die so your family doesn’t have to deal with it after you are gone. There is joy in seeing others use and enjoy the things you have treasured. I love this advice and truly dread ever having to clean out my grandma or parents’s houses. I am hopefully a long way from death cleaning, but still feel like I shouldn’t have a bunch of extra stuff cluttering up my home. This book is not a step by step manual on how to declutter/downsize. It is more a conversation where Margareta tells you about her life and her experiences and offers you her sage advice. You should take it!  Her best advice is to keep the best dildo and get rid of the other 15 and that you don’t need to keep all that ski equipment because you can always ski in a bikini on a winter’s day. I am not making this up! She also sold family heirlooms instead of letting her children fight over them. The Scandinavians are so wise.