The Women in the Walls

Take one old Victorian house, a mysterious disappearance, and creepy voices emanating from the walls and you have a true ghost story! The old mansion is the only home that Lucy Acosta has ever known. After the death of her mother when she was only three, Lucy’s aunt Penelope and her cousin, Margaret, move in to help take care of Lucy and her father. But when Penelope fails to return home after a walk in the woods behind the house, strange things start to happen. Lucy watches helplessly as Margaret’s mind slowly deteriorates, telling Lucy that she can hear voices of other women in the walls including Lucy’s long-dead mother, and now her own mother, Penelope. When Margaret loses her battle with her sanity, Lucy hopes that this is the end of all the strange things that have been going on, but little does she know it is only the beginning. Soon, Lucy begins to hear the voices as well.