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How To Handle Being Bullied

I grew up in a small Kansas town and on the surface, my childhood seemed normal. However, it wasn’t even close to normal. Starting when I was in second grade, I was bullied by students from the high school. My father was the principal in charge of discipline, and when kids got into trouble, they took it out on me. This lasted through my middle school years.

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Tips for Better Mental Health During Covid-19

Anytime there is a crisis, it can be hard on everyone, but it is especially hard on individuals with a mental illness.  Here are a few ideas for those living with a mental illness, but that could also be valuable to anyone.

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Normal Doesn't Exist

I have been called odd my entire life.  Growing up, when people used the word “odd” it was meant as a negative connotation.  Today the word “odd” could go either way, but most people use it in a positive way.  I don’t mind being called odd because it shows I have my own identity.  Now people say, “a special snowflake” instead of odd.  But, the great thing about snowflakes is their individuality and when they gather together, snowflakes can stop the world (both

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Season of the Witch

This is my favorite time of year, the Autumn/Mabon season. The Fall crops are harvesting, leaves are crisp, pumpkins, and finally Halloween and Samhain. In Jefferson City every time you take a deep breath, the air is cool and clean. Some people call this time of year, “The Season of the Witch”.

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What Do Hackers Want?

The first vision that comes to my mind when I think of a hacker is the mysterious loner, wearing a hoodie twenty-four hours a day, drinking energy drinks by the gallon, and staring at fifty computers at once.  I either seen too many movies or my vision is correct.  Think of Chris Hemsworth in the movie, Blackhat; he sometimes fits this description.

In reality most hackers use sophisticated hardware and software to do the heavy lifting.  Some hackers work for the government, some are loners but most are a group of people who communicate and help each other.

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Databases Are My Friend

I spend a lot of time on the computer, writing plays, and working on my blog; life is so much easier for me when I double and triple check facts using the library databases.

EbscoHost is a wealth of information with all the different sites I can access.  ERIC is a database which has all sorts of educational literature, an ebook section which is mainly nonfiction books, and many databases under this one name. 

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I Have To Admit

I’m letting the world know for the very first time: I am an introvert and I’m proud of it!  Introvert is a misunderstood word in our society.  The extrovert is what people love to see; an outgoing, gregarious person.  Schools have arranged classrooms into circles and work places have open areas to facilitate ideas to hone in on the skills of the extrovert (this isn’t a ne

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Krampus and St. Nicholas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Krampus, everywhere I go.  


In recent years, Krampus has been catching on in the United States, but not in the correct way.  There are many movies and books that scratch the surface of our horned friend and blow his reputation out of proportion.


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The Tao of Music

Music is universal.  We may not all have the same tastes in music, but we can experience music in any language.  Music is said to move mountains. I know it feeds my soul.  The sound and style of music often changes to mirror the events of the world.  

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