Tips for Better Mental Health During Covid-19

Tips for Better Mental Health During Covid-19

Anytime there is a crisis, it can be hard on everyone, but it is especially hard on individuals with a mental illness.  Here are a few ideas for those living with a mental illness, but that could also be valuable to anyone.

First, make sure you have plenty of medication.  Do not wait until the last minute to order medication as it may take longer for the pharmacy to fill your request.  The same is true for any groceries you may need.

If you can, when you order your groceries, choose curbside service. If you are unable to drive and this is not an option, have your groceries delivered.
It may cost a little more but it is well worth it.  If this option does not work, call your local churches and helplines to see if someone can get your groceries for you.

Drink plenty of water (and I mean a lot of water) and limit the number of sweets, alcohol, and sodas.  Keep a normal schedule of waking up and going to bed as your body loves routines.  Your body loves exercise; it can be any type of exercise, walking, lifting items in your home, or bending your knees a few times. 

Zoom is a popular way to communicate right now. You can use Zoom to communicate with friends and family.  My family plays games over Zoom.  Many religious establishments are showing their services online. (Almost all churches and religious beliefs are represented: World Beltane celebration prayer groups, yoga,  and more can be found on Facebook and Zoom.)

The library has many databases and virtual programs on Zoom and Facebook.  For the smaller children, storytimes and other activities are available.  There is gaming for teens and adults, book reviews, tech classes, and the list goes on.  Do not forget Hoopla, Libby, and Overdrive which provides books, audiobooks, magazines, and movies.  There are plenty of things to do but the most important thing is to stay healthy.  Always remember there is virtual help for physical and mental issues.  Health and happiness is the key to curb boredom.

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