The Tao of Music

The Tao of Music

Music is universal.  We may not all have the same tastes in music, but we can experience music in any language.  Music is said to move mountains. I know it feeds my soul.  The sound and style of music often changes to mirror the events of the world.  

Whenever I’m stressed, or need to solve a problem, I either meditate or listen to music.  What appears like wasting time, head bopping to the Talking Heads, actually reaps benefits of mindful and productive work.  My taste in music varies from mood to mood, but here are some songs I listen to on a weekly basis. 

My all-time favorite song is from the Australian band, Midnight Oil, and their only real American hit, “Beds are Burning”.  The message is clear; we need to take care of our planet.  This message strikes hard to my core. 

Queen and David Bowie sang, “Under Pressure”.  The vocals/lyrics are haunting. The song makes me move to take action to help others.

Every time I watch Childish Gambino’s, “This is America” video, I find new symbolism, whether it was put there on purpose or not.  This is a well written song and I sing it throughout the day. 

Social issues are a common theme in my favorite songs.  The lyrics are important, but the arrangement of the music and how the instruments enter my soul, makes me want to act on whatever the issues might be.  The Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, Aimee Mann, and Genesis never get old for me. I hear their music and I don’t want to shut it off.

Not all music needs to make you want to take action. Some very inspiring and gentle music has come from Amy Grant, Amy Lee, and Alison Krauss.

Music is a vital part of my life and I believe it can be the same for everyone. It is just a matter of finding your style.  I appreciate most forms of music, even if they are not among my favorites. Find the style that speaks to you.