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  • The First Lady

    In James Patterson's new stand-alone thriller, one secret can bring down a government when the president's affair to remember becomes a nightmare he wishes he could forget.

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  • Making Bombs for Hitler

    Lida thought she was safe. Her neighbors wearing the yellow star were all taken away, but Lida is not Jewish. She will be fine, won't she?

    But she cannot escape the horrors of World War II.

    Lida's parents are ripped away from her and she is separated from her beloved sister, Larissa. The Nazis take Lida to a brutal work camp, where she and other Ukrainian children are forced into backbreaking labor. Starving and terrified, Lida bonds with her fellow prisoners, but none of them know if they'll live to see tomorrow.

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  • Walking with Miss Millie

    Alice is angry at having to move to Rainbow, Georgia - a too small, too hot, dried-up place she's sure will never feel like home. Then she gets put in charge of walking her elderly neighbor's dog. But Clarence won't budge without Miss Millie, so Alice and Miss Millie walk him together.

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  • Running With Lions

    Sebastian is getting ready for his last year at soccer camp when he finds out his ex-best friend, Emir, is also attending. He doesn't know exactly what went wrong with Emir. When they were small, they were inseparable. That changed after Emir had to go back to England so his family could care for his ailing grandmother. When he returned, things were differently and they never really talked again. Emir seemed angry and unapproachable. Now with him attending soccer camp, Sebastian worried what it would be like. Would Emir fit in with his other friends or would he remain aloof and angry?

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  • Making Friends

    Dany loved sixth grade but when she goes into seventh grade her friends are in other classes. She finds herself lonely, bullied and unable to break through the cliques and find new friends. She inherits her great-aunt's old notebook and discovers that the things she draws in it come to life. She begins to use its magical powers to alter her situation and as usually happens when magic is involved, things go awry.

    I thought the artwork was very good but the story was disjunct and not cohesive. I didn't enjoy this graphic as much as I thought I would.

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  • Speak

    Melinda Sordino's first day of high school was nothing like she thought it would be. No one would talk to her or even look her way, including her ex-best friend, Rachel. Just before school started something happened that caused Melinda to become a social pariah but no one knew the truth. She just couldn't speak of the matter. Slowly, it swallowed her voice.

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  • Click

    Olive has lots of friends and fits in almost anywhere with any group of kids. She felt confident about her friends and her place in school. That all changed when the school put on a talent show, and Olive was left without anyone to perform with.

    This cute graphic novel tells the story of finding your place in your world and the importance of being yourself.

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  • The Bird King

    The Bird King takes place during the end of the reign of the last sultan of Granada. The story centers on a concubine named Fatima and her beloved friend, Hassan. Hassan has a magical skill that enables him to draw maps of places he's never seen and alter the reality of those places. His gift is coveted because of its importance in times of war and retreat. On the edge of losing his kingdom, the sultan hands Hassan over to the Inquisitors who have come to negotiate the transition of power to Spain.

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  • White fragility : why it's so hard for White people to talk about racism

    When it is suggested to those who are white that society is racist, the reaction is often some mixture of defensiveness and anger. The reason: white fragility. Racism, argues the author, is not only done by bad people; it is a condition when society is structured to accept a white perspective as the norm. She uses multiple examples and anecdotes to knock down assumptions and objections. This is a powerful book filled with challenging ideas.

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  • Elevation

    In "Elevation," Stephen King presents the story of Scott Carey a man who discovers an odd condition as he grows lighter, despite not losing any weight. Scott seeks to do a little elevation of his own in helping his neighbors to be accepted in the community, and tries to use his condition to put a crazy scheme into action before it's too late. The second story, "Laurie," available on the audio version only, is about a widower who is presented a dog he doesn't want, but finds that he really needs.

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  • Greenglass House

    Milo is the adopted son of the owners of Greenglass House, an old hilltop inn with a reputation as a refuge for smugglers. When Milo's hope for a quiet winter break is interrupted by the arrival of several mysterious lodgers, he and the cook's daughter, Meddy, take it upon themselves to determine why each stranger is there, and to unveil the identity of a thief.

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  • Clash of Kings

    A comet the color of blood and flame cuts across the sky. Two great leaders—Lord Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon—who hold sway over an age of enforced peace are dead, victims of royal treachery. Now, from the ancient citadel of Dragonstone to the forbidding shores of Winterfell, chaos reigns. Six factions struggle for control of a divided land and the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, preparing to stake their claims through tempest, turmoil, and war.

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  • A Breed Apart: A Celebration of the New American Mutt

    Unfamiliar with the borgi? Never heard of the russenji?

    In spite of their strange names and unlikely lineage, the new American mutt is suddenly the dog of the moment. Amanda Jones captures their quirky appeal in A Breed Apart—a collection of stunning black-and-white portraits of these wildly popular and uniquely blended dogs. goodreads.com

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  • Roll with It

    Ellie is dealing with a lot but doesn't let that get her down. She has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. Her dad left because he couldn't deal with her medical issues. Her grandpa has Alzheimer's Disease and has been getting progressively worse. So she and her mom have moved to Oklahoma to live with grandma and grandpa and help out. Not only is she the new kid, but she is the new kid in the wheelchair who lives in a trailer park. She bonds with two other trailer park kids and has great friends for the first time. 

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