Aurora Rising

Aurora Rising

Book Title:
Aurora Rising
Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman

This series is going to be just like the Illuminae Files where I am going to wish I hadn't discovered it until the entire series was published. I devoured this book in a very short amount of time and I am already ready for the next one. 

Our story starts in space as all good stories do. Tyler is the hotshot alpha about to get his dream team and assignment, but because he can't sleep he sets out on a little solo mission into space. There he finds a derelict spaceship thought lost 200 years ago with a survivor. Auri has been in cryosleep for 200 years believing she was on her way to join her father on Octavia III. Waking up in the future is disorienting to say the least, especially when she finds out that her history has been changed to hide her true mission to Octavia III. Then there is the fact that she is having visions and clearly has some kind of psychic powers. 

Tyler's team finds themselves embroiled in a mission they do not have enough information on. What they believe is a simple delivery of supplies to an outpost turns into a major altercation. Auri is discovered stowed away on the orders of an admiral. The Terran Defense forces are after her and they will do anything to wipe out the knowledge of Auri up to and including destroying the outpost and everyone on it. Now Aurora Legion Command Squad 312 finds themselves outlaws on the run hunted by the same authorities they thought they were a part of. They must discover why Auri's history was changed and what they government is hiding. They must figure out what is going on with Auri and then they have to save the galaxy. 

I adored this book! Kaufman and Kristoff are a winning team as far as I am concerned. I loved all the lovable screw-ups in Squad 312 and how they learn to work together. I loved the mystery and Auri's backstory. I just basically loved it all and can't wait to find out more.