River Readers

  • Invisible Emmie

    This cute graphic is about a shy, middle school aged girl who is so quiet and shy she feels invisible. Then one day the worst thing imaginable happens (in the mind of a middle school girl, anyway) how will Emmie handle it?

    I truly enjoyed Emmie’s story and loved the artwork and the sass in some of the drawings and cute little quirks of humor that were throughout.

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  • The Line Tender

    Lucy loved growing up as the daughter of a marine biologist mother and a diver for her father. Her mother’s passion was great white sharks but her mother died some years back and ever since, she and her dad just get by. Lucy’s best friend, Fred, and his whole family helped as much as they could. When another tragedy strikes, will Lucy be able to overcome the grief a second time?

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  • Monday's Not Coming

    Claudia’s best friend, Monday, is missing. She hasn’t shown up at school and Claudia hasn’t heard from her since she returned from being away over the summer. No one will listen to Claudia, who insists something is wrong. Is Claudia over reacting or is Monday not the person Claudia thought she was.

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  • Just Like Jackie

    Robinson is being raised by her grandpa. She has no knowledge of her mom other than that she is dead. She doesn't even know her mom's name. She has so many questions for her grandpa but he refuses to speak of her background. His memory is slipping and Robbie is afraid that she may never know if she waits too long to question him.

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  • Ghost Boys

    Jerome is twelve years old when he is shot by the police and killed for playing with a toy gun in the park. Jerome was a good kid who never got in trouble. Loved by his parents and little sister, his spirit rises from his dead body and tries to find some meaning behind his death. Along the way, he encounters the ghost of Emmett Till and together they try to navigate the troubled waters of finding out if there can be any good to come out of their murders.

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  • Born Just Right

    Jordan Reeves was born missing the lower half of her left arm. She and her mother have written this book to give insight into her life and her philosophy of her disability. Her positive attitude and advocacy for differently abled led to the publication of this book with the hope of giving others help in navigating their own path. It is full of advise, hope and promise and is an inspirational read.

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  • Positively Izzy

    This is a story about Izzy and Bri. Izzy is creative and love theatre and to act. Bri is the complete opposite, she loves science and math. Bri is known as Bri the Brain. Bri's mom longs for her to be in the drama club, which definitely is not Bri's thing but when the opportunity arises to help her mom out, she consents.

    Izzy puts theater before everything, including her studies. Conflict with her mom ensues when she forgets to do a take-home test and her mom finds out about it and grounds her from performing in the school talent show.

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  • Chiggers

    It's that time of summer again. Time for Abby to go back to summer camp but when she gets there, nothing is the same. Her best friend, Rose, is now a cabin assistant and has very little time for her. Her other friends from years past are boy crazy and they share few interests. It's not until Shasta comes to camp that she finds anyone to talk to but the other girls don't like Shasta.

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  • I Wish You All The Best

    Ben De Backer came out as non-binary to their parents they kicked them out of the house. Suddenly homeless, they turned to their sister whom they hadn't seen or talked to in ten years. Their sister and her husband welcomed Ben with open arms. They enrolled them in a new school and an especially charismatic boy named Nathan was chosen to show them around.

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  • What We Owe

    Nahid has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live. During her final days, she reflects on her life, her mistakes and her regrets. She and her husband, Masood, fled their native Iran during the revolution in the '80's with their young daughter. Filled with rage and resentment at the hand her fate has dealt her, Nahid tries to come to terms with her life and find some of the happiness that has alluded her all her life.

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  • Technically, You Started It

    In Haley's school there are two boys named Martin Nathaniel Munroe II (it's a long story). So when one of them texts her about a history assignment, she asks which one she is talking to. The response, "The good one" leads to a case of mistaken identity.

    This book has a unique format in that it is told entirely as text messages with lots of cute twists and turns. It is a lighthearted teen novel that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend!


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  • A Woman Is No Man

    Deya is the oldest of her sisters being raised by their strictly traditional, Palestinian grandparents. As Deya nears graduation from high school, her grandparents have amped up the desire to see her married. The constant parade of potential husbands has Deya feeling trapped and hopeless, afraid of the same fate her mother met.

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  • The Language of Fire: Joan of Arc Reimagined

    In The Language of Fire, Stephanie Hemphill has"reimagined" Joan of Arc's tale and told it not only in verse but in Joan's own voice. She elects to refer to Joan as Jehanne, which is how Joan referred to herself in documentation of the time.

    There was so much about Joan of Arc I didn't know and this book really enlightened me as to her journey, how she became a soldier and led the French Army and of her downfall and ultimate execution. It is not light reading but well worth the time to read.

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  • Thick As Thieves

    Kamet is the personal slave of Nahuseresh. He's in charge of all his master's accounts and keeping the household running smoothly. When Kamet is tipped off that Nahuseresh has been murdered, he fears his fate and accepts the help of a mysterious soldier from Attolia.

    This is the story of Kamet's journey away from the only way of life he has known into Attolia, a place he has no affection for ruled by a king he has no respect for.

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  • Like A Love Story

    Reza has just moved to NYC by way of Toronto via Iran. His mother has remarried and they have moved and now live with his stepfather and stepbrother. He is anxious about starting a new school and a new life but he is mostly anxious because Reza knows he is gay.

    The story takes place in 1989 the only images Reza sees of the gay community are those of people dying with AIDS. The thought paralyzes him with fear not to mention the cultural implications of being Iranian and gay.

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