River Readers

  • Thick As Thieves

    Kamet is the personal slave of Nahuseresh. He's in charge of all his master's accounts and keeping the household running smoothly. When Kamet is tipped off that Nahuseresh has been murdered, he fears his fate and accepts the help of a mysterious soldier from Attolia.

    This is the story of Kamet's journey away from the only way of life he has known into Attolia, a place he has no affection for ruled by a king he has no respect for.

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  • Like A Love Story

    Reza has just moved to NYC by way of Toronto via Iran. His mother has remarried and they have moved and now live with his stepfather and stepbrother. He is anxious about starting a new school and a new life but he is mostly anxious because Reza knows he is gay.

    The story takes place in 1989 the only images Reza sees of the gay community are those of people dying with AIDS. The thought paralyzes him with fear not to mention the cultural implications of being Iranian and gay.

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  • The Hunt for the Mad Wolf's Daughter

    This sequel to Mad Wolf's Daughter finds Drest running for her life. Having been given the dreaded label of "wolf's head" Drest is in dire danger. Sir Oswyn has lied about her having killed the true heir to Faintree Castle so he can assume the title of Lord. Having the "wolf's head" label thrust upon her means that there is a sizable ransom for her head to be brought back to Sir Oswyn. Desperate to find a way to restore Lord Faintree to his castle and his rightful title, Drest, Tig and Emerick along with Drest's father and brothers find danger, adventure and treachery.

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  • Mad Wolf's Daughter

    After a late night raid on their encampment, Drest is the only one left in her family war-band. Drest must try to rescue her father and brothers from Faintree Castle where in just four days they will hang. During the raid, Drest witnesses one of the enemy knights try to kill a fellow knight. Unable to allow the injured knight to die at the bottom of the ravine, Drest rescues him and plans to use him in a trade, one knight for one of her family members.

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  • Other Words for Home

    At the advent of the violence in Syria, Jude's parents make the difficult decision to send Jude and her pregnant mother to the United States to stay with her uncle. Jude's older brother has become active in the resistance and won't leave his country and her father couldn't bear to leave his business. It was gut-wrenching to leave part of her family behind and go to a new country, whose language she barely spoke. The struggle to fit in at her new school and make new friends was a difficult one.

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  • The Season of Styx Malone

    Caleb Franklin wanted to be extraordinary. He wanted nothing more than to escape the small town sameness of his hometown, Sutton, Indiana. His big brother (by one year), Bobby Gene was a bit more content and ready to follow the rules and expectations of his parents. This all changed, however, when 16 year old, Styx Malone came into their lives.

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  • Junior High Drama

    This graphic novel takes on a variety of issues that arise in middle school. Body image, mean girls and bullying, honesty and secrets, and first dates. I thought this was an honest look at some of the issues that teen girls experience. It was divided into individual stories and at the end of each story was a sort of summary and fact sheet sometimes in the form of an interview or a letter. I thought it was informative and age appropriate.

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  • A Conspiracy of Kings

    The fourth in this series focuses on Sophos, heir apparent to his uncle for King of Sounis. Sophos has been sent away after a succession of tutors, to prepare for his role as successor. When he is kidnapped and sold into slavery, he must fight his way back to freedom.

    While Eugenides plays a minor role in this fourth book in the series, the intrigue and adventure never wains. Sophos becomes a major character who endears himself into your heart and you will root for him to be successful in all his endeavors.

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  • The King of Attolia

    Eugenides, The Thief of Eddis, conspired to take the position of King of Attolia but now that he is there, he finds himself mired in a web of controversy and resentment that is seemingly impossible to escape.

    This third book in the Queen of Attolia series is as filled with intrigue, deception and plot twists as the first two. I couldn't wait to find out the fate of the Thief, his queen and the countries of Attolia, Eddis and Sounis.

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  • The Queen of Attolia

    In the second of this series finds, Eugenides, the Thief of Eddis, once again taunting the Queen of Attolia. When Eddis and Attolia find themselves on the brink of war, Egenides risks all to once again steal from Attolia.

    Filled with intrigue and deception, this second in the Queen of Attolia series does not disappoint. I had forgotten how much I love this series and am so glad to re-read it in order to prepare to read the last one. I am sure I'll be sad to see it end.

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  • Operatic

    Charlie is nearing the end of her middle school career. For her final music class assignment she has to find the perfect song. One that embodies her spirit and makes her feel “at home.” They have explored all types of music in class but nothing quite fits for Charlie. Not until they listen to opera and Marie Callas. Suddenly, Charlie identifies with a genre of music but also with the artist.

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  • We Were Witches

    We Were Witches, at its heart, is about a single mother in the 1980’s trying to make it in the world despite all the obstacles in her way. But it is so, so much more. It is such an anomaly that I can’t explain it or put it into a genre. It is a feminist manifesto, it is a history lesson in the suppression of women. It is mystery and magic and yes, witches. It is brilliant and I loved every minute of it.

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  • With The Fire On High

    Emoni Santiago had a baby her freshman year in high school but that didn't stop her dreams of becoming a chef. Her mother died in childbirth and her father was largely absent so she depended on her grandmother, 'Buelo for help. For the most part, she was doing fine, juggling being a mother, a full-time student and a part-time job. Often her school work suffered and she was beginning to worry about how she was going get into a college, let alone pay for it. Her dream of being a chef only intensified when she enrolled in a cooking class at her school.

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  • Daisy Jones and the Six

    Daisy Jones and the Six is written as an oral history of a famous band in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The Six was a group making its way in the channels of rock and roll when an impertinent young ingenue darkens their door and the rest was rock and roll history.

    I loved this novel. It is written in a unique and engaging format that makes you wonder if this is fact or fiction. I highly recommend it.

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