River Readers

  • Making Bombs for Hitler

    Lida thought she was safe. Her neighbors wearing the yellow star were all taken away, but Lida is not Jewish. She will be fine, won't she?

    But she cannot escape the horrors of World War II.

    Lida's parents are ripped away from her and she is separated from her beloved sister, Larissa. The Nazis take Lida to a brutal work camp, where she and other Ukrainian children are forced into backbreaking labor. Starving and terrified, Lida bonds with her fellow prisoners, but none of them know if they'll live to see tomorrow.

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  • Walking with Miss Millie

    Alice is angry at having to move to Rainbow, Georgia - a too small, too hot, dried-up place she's sure will never feel like home. Then she gets put in charge of walking her elderly neighbor's dog. But Clarence won't budge without Miss Millie, so Alice and Miss Millie walk him together.

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  • Running With Lions

    Sebastian is getting ready for his last year at soccer camp when he finds out his ex-best friend, Emir, is also attending. He doesn't know exactly what went wrong with Emir. When they were small, they were inseparable. That changed after Emir had to go back to England so his family could care for his ailing grandmother. When he returned, things were differently and they never really talked again. Emir seemed angry and unapproachable. Now with him attending soccer camp, Sebastian worried what it would be like. Would Emir fit in with his other friends or would he remain aloof and angry?

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  • The Bird King

    The Bird King takes place during the end of the reign of the last sultan of Granada. The story centers on a concubine named Fatima and her beloved friend, Hassan. Hassan has a magical skill that enables him to draw maps of places he's never seen and alter the reality of those places. His gift is coveted because of its importance in times of war and retreat. On the edge of losing his kingdom, the sultan hands Hassan over to the Inquisitors who have come to negotiate the transition of power to Spain.

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  • Brave

    Jenson dreams of being an astronaut and saving the world. He is a dreamer. Middle school is hard though and Jenson is no exception to that rule. Sometimes the kids say things to him or make jokes at his expense but they're his friends and they're just kidding....right? RIGHT?

    This second book in the Awkward series focuses on the bullying climate in the school and what it might take to change it.

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  • Crush

    The third book in the Awkward series focuses on Jorge. Jorge is a big guy with a lot of strength so he is the unofficial protector in the school. He tries to always do what's right and hold others to that as well. Middle school is tough for kids but it becomes much tougher for Jorge when her realizes he has a crush.

    This is cute, realistic graphic novel about the realities of middle school and how to navigate them, or at least try to.

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  • The Great Believers

    Yale Tishman is a young professional gay man in 1980's Chicago just as the AIDS epidemic starts its ravaging path. The book opens at a memorial party for Yale's good friend, Nico, the first of his group to die. Nico's story is a familiar tale of parental betrayal because of his sexuality but the central figure of his story is his sister, Fiona. She was his caregiver, his protector and his stanchest ally through his life.

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  • The Shadows We Hide

    In the highly-anticipated sequel to the national best seller The Life We Bury, Joe Talbert returns to investigate the murder of the father he never knew, and to reckon with his own family's past.

    Joe Talbert, Jr. has never once met his namesake. Now out of college, a cub reporter for the Associated Press in Minneapolis, he stumbles across a story describing the murder of a man named Joseph Talbert in a small town in southern Minnesota.

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  • Walking on Water

    In this fifth New York Times bestseller in the Walk series, Richard Paul Evans's hero Alan Christoffersen must say some painful goodbyes and learn some important lessons as he comes to the end of his cross-country walk to Key West.

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  • Internment

    Layla Amin knew things weren't going to go well, when they had to put on the census that they were Muslim, essentially creating a registry. Soon, Muslims around the country were put on restrictions for jobs, curfews and more. It all came to a head when Layla and her family were arrested and taken to Mobius, the first internment camp for Muslims.

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  • Before I Let You Go

    Before I Let You Go, the stunning new novel from Kelly Rimmer, the best-selling author of Me Without You, When I Lost You and The Secret Daughter, has a heartpounding dilemma at its centre: your sister or her baby. Who do you choose?

    Fans of Jodi Picoult, Amanda Prowse and Diane Chamberlain will love Kelly Rimmer.

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  • On The Come Up

    Bri wants to be a rapper. Growing up in Garden Heights, the daughter of the legendary underground rapper, Lawless, Bri has a lot to prove. Her daddy was murdered, a victim of gang violence, and her mama lost it after she lost him. Driven by her grief into drug addiction, Bri and her brother, Trey, lived with their grandparents for a time. Jay, Bri's mom, fought hard to win her kids back but the struggle is still real, they are all fighting just to exist. Then the other shoe drops and Jay gets fired from her job. Bri want her rapping to save them.

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  • Right as Rain

    Rain's family is reeling after the death of her older brother. Her mom tries to keep busy to forget the pain and initiates the family moving to a big city away from their past. Her dad is so depressed that he can hardly get out of bed. And Rain blames herself for her brother's death.

    The new neighborhood and school are a challenge because Rain is the only one with her skin color and she is afraid to open up to anyone about her family. Thru running and required community service, Rain realizes that she is not alone.

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  • The Book of Essie

    A captivating novel of family, fame, and religion that tells the story of the seventeen-year-old daughter of an evangelical preacher, star of the family's hit reality show, and the secret pregnancy that threatens to blow their entire world apart.

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