River Readers

  • A Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

    While Felicity has escaped going to a finishing school she winds up working in a bakery with a sweet man who proposed to her - not what she wants to do with her life. She attempts to inveigle herself into her ex-best friends wedding, her old friend is marrying a scientist doctor and Felicity hopes to train under him. Sexism and piracy get in her way.

    I liked the depiction of Felicity being asexual not into romance, neither girls nor guys. While the dialogue wasn't quite as good as in the prequel, the novel was a good adventurous romp.

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  • Midnight Line

    It all starts with a ring in a pawn shop -- a ladies West Point ring engraved with SRS. Jack Reacher knows, based on his experience and the year, it is not a thing given up lightly and decides to track the owner. The ex-MP's follows the ring across several states and a variety of unsavory characters as he discovers more about its owner's life. This title in author Lee Child's best-selling series relies less on non-stop action and more on procedure to answer questions, right some wrongs, and eventually leads to a showdown at the midnight line.

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  • Backseat Saints

    Rose Mae Lolley is a fierce and dirty girl, long-suppressed under flowery skirts and bow-trimmed ballet flats. As "Mrs. Ro Grandee" she's trapped in a marriage that's thick with love and sick with abuse. Her true self has been bound in the chains of marital bliss in rural Texas, letting "Ro" make eggs, iron shirts, and take her punches. She seems doomed to spend the rest of her life battered outside by her husband and inside by her former self, until fate throws her in the path of an airport gypsy---one who shares her past and knows her future.

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  • The gentleman's guide to vice and virtue

    Lord Henry “Monty” Montague, young, handsome, and charming, has one last year of fun and freedom, before his father expects him to settle down and help run the family estate. Monty along with his best friend and secret crush Percy, are to have a Grand Tour of Europe. They are to drop Monty’s sister, Felicity, off at a finishing school along the way. Though bred to be a gentleman, Monty escapes these strictures by flinging himself into hedonistic pleasure, excessive drinking, bedding women and men, and flouting social expectations where he can.

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  • The Shadows We Hide

    In the highly-anticipated sequel to the national best seller The Life We Bury, Joe Talbert returns to investigate the murder of the father he never knew, and to reckon with his own family's past.

    Joe Talbert, Jr. has never once met his namesake. Now out of college, a cub reporter for the Associated Press in Minneapolis, he stumbles across a story describing the murder of a man named Joseph Talbert in a small town in southern Minnesota.

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  • Walking on Water

    In this fifth New York Times bestseller in the Walk series, Richard Paul Evans's hero Alan Christoffersen must say some painful goodbyes and learn some important lessons as he comes to the end of his cross-country walk to Key West.

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  • A Step of Faith

    Following the #4 New York Times bestseller The Road to Grace, Richard Paul Evans's hero Alan Christoffersen faces a life-changing crisis on his journey to grace.
    After the death of his beloved wife, after the loss of his advertising business to his once-trusted partner, after bankruptcy forced him from his home, Alan Christoffersen is a broken man.

    Leaving everything he knows, he sets out on an extraordinary cross-country journey; with only the pack on his back, he is walking from Seattle to Key West - the end of the map.

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  • Road To Glory

    Reeling from the sudden loss of his wife, his home, and his business, Alan Christoffersen, a once successful advertising executive, has left everything he knew behind and set off on an extraordinary cross-country journey. Carrying only a backpack, he is walking from Seattle to Key West, the farthest destination on his map.

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  • Miles To Go

    Alan Christoffersen, a once-successful advertising executive, wakes one morning to find himself injured, alone, and confined to a hospital bed in Spokane, Washington. Sixteen days earlier, reeling from the sudden loss of his wife, his home, and his business, Alan left everything he knew behind and set off on an extraordinary cross-country journey. Carrying only a backpack, he planned to walk to Key West, the farthest destination on his map.

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  • Make Me

    Jack Reacher is a man with no home and ample curiosity. When he emerges from a train at Mother's Rest to learn the story behind the isolated town's name, he instead finds Michelle Chang, an ex-FBI agent worried about her missing co-worker -- and a hostile town that wants to see them both leave. As they crisscross the United States to locate the partner and unravel the mystery, they also discover the residents have invested in some deep-pocketed killers. Who are the series of guests staying overnight at the town's one hotel, and what secret could warrant such protection?

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  • Josie and the Pussycats Vol. 2

    I didn't like this one as well as the first volume. I guess I'm not as in to the group being crime busters instead of singers. There was more info on the pasts of Valerie and Melody and the relationship between Alex and Alexandra. Who knows what comes next.

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  • Darius the Great Is Not Okay

    Darius Kellner is a nerd, bullied at school and constantly waiting for his dad's approval. He also suffers from depression. He struggles with his identity being half Persian and being raised in the United States. He is not as in touch with his Persian roots or speak Farsi as well as his little sister Lelah. This all comes to a head when his grandfather in Iran becomes ill and the family travels to Iran to spend some time with time. Darius had never been to Iran, had never met his grandparents and knew little of the customs of the country.

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  • Never Go Back

    Jack Reacher was intrigued by her voice when he needed some help while in South Dakota, and he has hitchhiked back to Washington, D.C. to meet Susan Turner, who now has his command at the 110th MP unit. What he finds instead is that Turner has been accused of embezzling and he is accused of both beating a man to death and a second case that shocks him even more. In order to clear their names they have to go on the run, but their unknown suspects have vast resources and are tracking their every move.

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  • The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue

    This was an amazing book to listen to mainly because the guy reading had the most sexy British accent that it was easy to picture Monty the rogue. The story is very much how I imagine life in Europe during this very prim and proper time would look and sound like. I had to laugh when they encountered the "pirates" who were much nicer than most of the courtly people they had met. I am now ready to follow Felicity's adventures in the next book.

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  • Princess of Glass

    This second book was a fun continuation of life after dancing. It had a prince, a princess and a fairy godmother - only she wasn't so nice. Love wins in the end, but the journey was fun to follow.

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