River Readers

  • Dread Nation

    The Civil War ends when the dead rise up and start eating their fellow soldiers at Gettysburg. Now shamblers are everywhere, but the good folks are fighting back. Slavery has been abolished and the war is over because everyone must focus on surviving. Except everything isn't sunshine and glory. There is an act of Congress that forces all Native and Black people to attend combat schools to fight the shamblers. Of course the white folks don't have to go to these forced boarding schools. The combat schools, like Ms.

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  • Black God's Drums

    This is P. Dj̀eli Clark’s debut novella, after having his writings appear in Daily Science Fiction, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and Lightspeed and other publications. Born in New York primarily raised in Houston, he spent much of his formative years in Trinidad and Tobago. Clark brings a fresh look at New Orleans in this alternative history story.

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