Grab A Bigger Book Bag

Grab A Bigger Book Bag

I’m a huge picture book enthusiast.  Story time is one of my FAVORITE times.  Reading to my little one at home is a big highlight of my day.


One of the things I overhear occasionally at the library that makes my heart deflate a tidbit is the limitations of that “picture book love” to a “pick one or two” mentality with kids.  Sure, it’s better than none, but to picture book enthusiasts like myself it’s like saying “Here’s a breadstick kid, never mind there’s an entire pizza buffet before you.”


Perhaps adults have this “pick two mentality” ingrained in their brains from school library rules and it sticks with them later in life. Most school libraries have more rules put in place about how many and what students are allowed to check out.  (Usually, it’s around two books per child).   I love school libraries and librarians - they’re awesome- but their checkout rules should not be confused with public library checkout rules.  Public libraries are like the indulgent grandparents of libraries.  MRRL has a limit of 100 items per library card! 


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One thing I’ve learned as a parent doing read alouds- some books will be big hits, and others might flop.  Your child might have very specific opinions (like mine) .  Some recent picture book hits at my house included Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin, Plankton is Pushy by Jonathan Fenske, Hedgie's Surprise by Jan Brett and There’s a Monster in Your Book by Tom Fletcher. Giving your child autonomy and choice when reading is a great way to empower them and the library is the perfect place to let them browse.  In fact, that’s what those picture book bins are there for!   If you happen upon a book that is the bees knees, best-ever book that you’re child requests over and over again, then rejoice and renew- or even take a trip to the bookstore and find a copy to keep.   Conversely, if you find one that’s the most annoying book ever, you can return it sneakily and try and pretend it never happened. Shhh. 


Whatever your tastes may be, MRRL has a generous book buffet.  I promise, no one will scoff if you bring in your suitcase on wheels.   Fill it up and check them out!