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Boredom Buster: Bottle Play

When I was a child, I remember my mom keeping an older set of glass Coca Cola bottles in the garage that we got out on occasion to play with.  We usually made them musical, filling with water and blowing over them like flutes, or clinking them with spoons.  We felt super accomplished if we could fill the water just right to make the notes for an actual tune like “Ro

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Grab A Bigger Book Bag

I’m a huge picture book enthusiast.  Story time is one of my FAVORITE times.  Reading to my little one at home is a big highlight of my day.


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The Fuss on Fines and Fees

Our library has overdue fees, also known as “fines”  It’s certainly not a favorite aspect of my job. I’ve seen people who recognize me from the library panic at the sight of me and skip aisles in the grocery store only to later approach me in the checkout line to confess: “I know I have overdue fees!

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