Test Proctoring

MRRL offers limited proctoring service for students.  The service is free and offered as a courtesy to our customers.

MRRL staff members will proctor online exams in which the student takes the exam on a MRRL computer.  Obtaining website information and student / course ID information is the responsibility of the student.  Online passwords may be emailed to the library’s test-proctoring email, which is test@mrrl.org.  Any email received by the library MUST have the student’s name listed in the email.  The normal time limit for an individual online exam is 2 hours.  Use of the internet requires a library card. We do NOT return materials (eg tests) by fax, nor do we scan and return materials by email.

MRRL staff will proctor paper exams and return by regular mail only.  Students are responsible for the cost of print-outs, as well as for postage and envelopes. It is the student’s responsibility to assure that the test or password has arrived at the library.  If a student is taking an online test, they will need to have a library card.





Unless we receive instructions to the contrary, students will Not be alllowed to use calculators, books, notes, their own computers, cell phones.

Since exams and/or  passwords often take longer to arrive than anticipated, it is necessary to schedule the exam, only after the student has verified that the exams and/or password has been received at the library.  You can call the library at 634-2464 and ask for Reference.  Exams can be scheduled:

Monday – Thursday from 9am until 7pm

Fridays from 9am until 3pm

We are UNable to proctor exams on the weekend, having limited staff on those days.

MRRL staff make every effort to ensure the return of tests/answer sheets in a timely manner.

 The mailing address to which exams should be sent is:

Test Proctoring / Reference Department
Missouri River Regional Library
P.O. Box 89
Jefferson City, MO 65101

The MRRL reference desk can be a busy place, and staff members can be called away from the reference desk.  Students are monitored as closely as possible, but the library is not a classroom setting.