Dead Little Darlings

Dead Little Darlings

Book Title:
Dead Little Darlings
Rita Herrons

Traumatized as a child when she witnessed a grisly murder, Marilyn Ellis kept silent for fear she and her mother would become targets of a cold-blooded killer. But guilt and nightmares have plagued her ever since that stormy night. Her silence allowed a predator to go free, a predator who may have killed others.

A predator who may be on the hunt again.

As a topnotch investigative reporter, she will do anything to find the answers, including using her ruggedly sexy lover, Detective Ryker Brocket, for information.

She and Ryker make a good team in and out of bed. But can she trust him with her darkest secrets?

Detective Ryker Brocket has devoted his life to solving crimes and chasing killers. Sure, feisty reporter Marilyn Ellis inflames his passion, but he has no time for love.

Then Marilyn becomes the main suspect in one of his high-profile murder cases, and their professional and personal lives collide.

Clues lead them back to the cold case he’s working and the disappearance of the Darling sisters. And even though he’s suspicious of her, he feels compelled to keep her safe.

Then Marilyn becomes the killer’s prime target, and Ryker will risk his life—and his heart—to protect her.

But can he save her from the crazed killer who wants her dead and win her love?