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Horror over Heroin -Horror Film about roanoke colony/ Illinois INDEPENDENT film maker benefits recovery & awareness of the heroin epidemic claiming lives....premiering December 4tg 2019

Saint Louis, MO. October 10, 2019

The anticipation is building with less than a month before the premiere of "Claimed" is to be released. Elle Mercurio-Cherrier's horror film "Claimed" debut is sure to have your inner child sleep with one eye open. This all-star cast and crew may have raised "hell" on set but not without raising some awareness of the heroin epidemic that sweeps throughout our area (#Horroroverheroin). “Claimed” Starring... Steven C. Randall ("Shakespeare's Mummy"), Stephen Potter ("Four-Way Stop"), Karen Druley ("Going My Way"), and local well known Saint Louis author and director- April Floyd ("Unique").

"Claimed" is a historical fiction about an English colonization gone terribly wrong in a new world filled with unspeakable beauty and uncertainty. They arrived uninvited. They may have suffered a lack of supplies and preparation for the wilderness that had yet to be tamed. However, no nightmare would have prepared the uninvited colonists for the horror awaiting them. Hasn't anyone told them it's a brave new world? They came to claim a new world but it was them who were already claimed.

#HorroroverHeroin is a cause that raises awareness of the heroin/opiate epidemic that not only claims lives here locally but nationally. Started by Cherrier who hopes to change the stigma that heroin addiction brings and encourages our communities to engage in discussion regarding recovery, awareness, and anti-drug education. Director and writer, Elle Mercurio-Cherrier said when asked " I hope one day we can shatter the hold and horror that heroin has over our communities. I seek to widen the horizons of the horror genre as well as dissolving the staggering statistics by turning the tables on drug addiction by using film as my platform of delivery. "

The rest of the ensemble cast includes Leander Beatty, Londa Hill, Shannon Teems, Tim Mosley, Don Mercurio-Cherrier, Jonny Xacto, Mallory Echelmeyer, and Shelly King. This summer's filming of "Claimed" in beautiful Hartford, IL. included more than 134 cast and crew members all who were voluntarily. Most involved in the production of "Claimed" were emotionally invested in #HorroroverHeroin as well. The film is dedicated to the families of and those have lost their lives to the epidemic destroying our communities.

"Claimed" is a production of Bug-Juice Productions, founded by Stephen Province. Bug-Juice Productions partnered up with Mercurio-Cherrier to produce this film. Director and producer, Stephen Province said "As an independent horror filmmaker, and a father of sons living during an opioid crisis, "Claimed" has been a film project that has interested me from the beginning. I've been proud to be a part of Elle's vision and lend my skills to this unique and scary story. I believe strongly in the mission behind it, advocating for the victims and communities against the heroin epidemic."-Stephen Province. " The premiere of " Claimed" is scheduled to debut November 2019 in Saint Louis, Missouri.

"This story is relatable. In the story the colonists vanished without a trace, and I believe we are facing something very similar in our modern age with the opioid epidemic. I would say that much like the quickly spreading demonic possession and subsequent destruction of a community, heroin functions much the same. But in all actuality heroin isn't so much of something that you use, rather it uses you." - Elle Mercurio- Cherrier


Elle Mercurio-Cherrier is an Illinois Independent Horror Filmmaker from Saint Louis, MO. She is a mother of four and is personally invested in the success of Claimed and #HorroroverHeroin as well. Although not affiliated with any particular organization, she is in fact in recovery from heroin herself and has been several years. Elle Mercurio-Cherrier

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Preview YouTube video STL LIVE - Claimed - 1 of 2

STL LIVE - Claimed - 1 of 2

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Preview YouTube video STL LIVE - Claimed - 1 of 2