The Mighty Pen Writer's Workshop

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This is not a library sponsored event.

Event Description

The Mighty Pen Writer's Workshop is for the author, we work to foster the habits writers need so writing becomes an expressive endeavor. And through each author's unique contributions, we work to help each other obtain the cumulative knowledge needed to develop and hone our craft. The focus here is entirely on the writer. We help writers develop the skills that will sustain them across multiple pieces of writing. With great respect for each author we will help each other polish professional skills and techniques—helping writers choose topics, purposes, and audiences for their writing and offering suggestions to guide the writer's decision-making process. We will tackle important craft issues with shared lessons and advice, including: story structure, point-of-view, character development, pacing, natural stylization and conformance stylization.

No single tree makes a forest beautiful, we feel the same way about authors. Can't wait to grow with you!