Show Me Award

Show Me Award

This annual award honors one book selected by Missouri students in grades one through three.

For more information on the Show Me Award, please see the MASL Show Me Award page.

Show Me Award Nominees

  • Cover image for We Don't Eat Our Classmates

    We Don't Eat Our Classmates

    It's the first day of school for Penelope Rex, and she can't wait to meet her classmates. But it's hard to make human friends when they're so darn delicious! That is, until Penelope gets a taste of her own medicine and finds she may not be at the top of the food chain after all. . . . Readers will gobble up this hilarious new story from award-winning author-illustrator Ryan T. Higgins.

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  • Cover image for The Remember Balloons

    The Remember Balloons

    A 2019 Schneider Family Award Honor Book! What’s Happening to Grandpa meets Up in this tender, sensitive picture book that gently explains the memory loss associated with aging and diseases such as Alzheimer’s. James’s Grandpa has the best balloons because he has the best memories. He has balloons showing Dad when he was young and Grandma when they were married. Grandpa has balloons about camping and Aunt Nelle’s poor cow. Grandpa also has a silver balloon filled with the memory of a fishing trip he and James took together.

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  • Cover image for The Epic Journey of Huggie and Stick

    The Epic Journey of Huggie and Stick

    When a grumpy stuffed bunny and a happy-go-lucky stick fall out of their boy's backpack, they embark on an odyssey that takes them all around the world, experiencing one crazy adventure after another.

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  • Cover image for Natsumi!


    Natsumi is small but full of big exuberance, and puts her girl-power to good use when she discovers a Japanese tradition as energetic as she is. When Natsumi's family practices for their town's Japanese arts festival, Natsumi tries everything. But her stirring is way too vigorous for the tea ceremony, her dancing is just too imaginative, and flower arranging doesn't go any better. Can she find just the right way to put her exuberance to good use? This heartwarming tale about being true to yourself is perfect for readers who march to their own beat.

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  • Max Explains Everything: Grocery Store Expert

    Max Explains Everything: Grocery Store Expert

    From choosing the perfect cart to navigating the produce section, expert extraordinaire Max explains all there is to know about going to the grocery store.

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  • Cover image for Love, Z

    Love, Z

    From the creator of Not Quite Narwhal comes the story of a young robot trying to find the meaning of “love.” When a small robot named Z discovers a message in a bottle signed “Love, Beatrice,” they decide to find out what “love” means. Unable to get an answer from the other robots, they leave to embark on an adventure that will lead them to Beatrice—and back home again, where love was hiding all along.

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  • Cover image for Giraffe Problems

    Giraffe Problems

    "A giraffe struggles to feel comfortable with his neck"--

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  • Friends Stick Together

    Friends Stick Together

    "When a loud-mouthed tickbird lands on Mortimer the rhino's nose and starts a symbiotic relationship, the reserved Mortimer is mortified, until he realizes they just might be the perfect pair"

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  • Cover image for Doll-E 1.0

    Doll-E 1.0

    A STEM-friendly tale of a girl and the doll she upgrades to be her new friend, for fans of The Most Magnificent Thing and Rosie Revere, Engineer. Charlotte's world is fully charged! With her dog at her side, she's always tinkering, coding, clicking, and downloading. She's got a knack for anything technological--especially gadgets that her parents don't know how to fix! Then, she receives a new toy that is quite a puzzle: a doll! What's she supposed to do with that?

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  • A Place For Pluto

    A Place For Pluto

    Shocked to be stripped of his planet status, Pluto goes on a quest to find his place in the universe. Includes educational materials.

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