LU-MRRL Lecture Series: From Need to Reality: Fresh, Locally Produced Food for Jefferson City

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The journey from food insecurity and limited income opportunities to economic stability, better health, and reduction of chronic killers (obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure) started with an idea to develop a local food system. Our neighbors to the north have been working on this for some time in partnership with the University of Missouri Extension, many community partners and interested individuals. Despite the unique nature of the diverse Jefferson City culture, this journey started in a similar way. Jefferson City is inhabited by unique and resilient people with specific needs. In 2020, Lincoln University Cooperative Extension in partnership with Building Community Bridges and the City of Jefferson, applied to the EPA-Local Foods Local Places project. The award was granted. This project supports a coming-together around the development of a local food system. It's bigger and more holistic than the focus of the LFLF grant awarded in 2015. This presentation from Sarah J. Eber, human nutrition and health program coordinator, will provide a little history and focus on this new journey to engage participants in being a part of...the Rest of the Story.