Community Bulletin Board and Information Distribution

Community Bulletin Board & Information Distribution

The Library may allow for the posting or distribution of free handouts, flyers or publications as a public service.

Approved February 26, 2019


The Library may post information on the Community Bulletin Board on a space available basis.

Posted material must describe community groups, organizations or events that are non-profit, open to the general public, and intended to educate, enrich or inform.

Posted material must include the name of the organization sponsoring the information or event that is being publicized. Only one posting per organization may be displayed at any one time (except for Missouri River Regional Library sponsored events). All postings must be authorized by library staff.

Posting of notices or distribution of materials at the Library does not indicate Library endorsement of the ideas, issues, or events promoted by those materials.

The Library assumes no responsibility for any inappropriate use of posted information.