Sensory Play Painting

Sensory Play Painting

Possible Supplies Needed:  Washable project paints, cardstock or mixed media paper, canvas panels, painter’s tape, scissors, quart and gallon plastic bags, and plastic wrap.

This activity provides multiple sensory experiences while creating something that can be used as a gift from the toddler. They will touch and feel the cool of the paint and how smooth it is. They can see the different colors and how they blend. Plus, they practice their fine motors skills and learn about cause-and-effect, all of this while creating a final picture that can become a gift from them.

  1. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half for a card or cut it to size. The paper and/or the canvas needs to fit inside the closed quart or gallon bag.
  2. Apply small dots of paint to the paper or canvas. Be careful not to use too much or it will look messy and take much longer to dry.
  3. Carefully place the paper/canvas inside the bag and CLOSE IT TIGHTLY! You probably want to tape it shut, so your toddler won’t be tempted to open it.
  4. Tape the bag to the work surface, so the toddler can’t pick up the bag.
  5. Let your toddler finger smoosh the paint around on the paper/canvas and create a beautiful work of art!
  6. When toddler is finished, carefully take the paper/canvas from the bag to dry. It helps if you can loosen the painted side from the bag while removing.

Additional Ideas:  You can frame the paintings by cutting them to match a frame. Also you can use painter’s tape to create a shape or design on the paper or canvas before apply the paint. This can be letters, a pattern or a theme. Then when the paint dries, peel the tape off to reveal the design or word.

Special Note: If you decide to use a stretched canvas, use plastic wrap instead of a plastic bag to wrap the canvas. You want to wrap it tightly enough that they cannot pinch a hole in the plastic wrap while spreading the paint. Use tape to reinforce the edges and back of the plastic wrap before beginning.

Watch the tutorial.