Sensory Play Calming Glitter Bottles

Sensory Play Calming Glitter Bottles

Supplies Needed: Empty clear plastic bottle, small baggie of glitter & small baggie of beads &/or sequins.

Additional Supplies: Warm water, glitter &/or clear glue, food coloring and low-temp hot glue gun or other source to seal bottle lid.  If desired, any other small objects to watch descend.

  1. Fill the bottle ¾ of the way full with warm water.
  2. Add clear &/or glitter glue. Add up to a whole bottle if desired. The more mixed into the solution, the longer the glitter will take to fall.
  3. Add glitter – lots if desired, but less if adding other items.
  4. Squeeze a couple drops of food coloring into the water. A little goes a long way, especially if adding other items which should be visible in the mixture.
  5. If desired, add small beads, sequins or other items to blend with the glitter and suspend and descend inside the bottle.
  6. Close lid tightly and shake bottle around, mixing the glue, glitter, beads and food coloring, to see if this is the desired mixture. Remember you can always add more, but you can’t take anything out! If needed, add more glue, glitter, beads or coloring, to achieve the look you want.
  7. Hot glue or super glue the lid shut.

There are others ways to make calming bottles such as by adding liquid hand soap or oil. Below are short directions on those.

Calming Bottles with Soap: You will need clear liquid hand soap in place of the glue. Skip step 2 above then follow steps 3-5. Then fill the rest of the bottle with soap making sure the bottle is filled to the top so there will be a minimal number of bubbles. Then follow steps 6-7.

Calming Bottles with Oil: You will need baby oil in place of the glue. Fill ½ the bottle with baby oil. Add enough glitter to cover the surface of the oil. Mix food coloring and water in a separate container (glass measuring cup with spout works) and mix to create desired color. Fill remainder of the bottle with colored water, leaving just enough space for the ingredients to mix and move around. Then glue lid shut.

*** Please remember, if allowing children to handle beads and sequins, do so under supervision. They can be a choking hazard. ***

Watch the tutorial.