How To Dye Your Own Silk Scarf

How To Dye Your Own Silk Scarf

MRRL offers a variety of crafting programs throughout the year. One of our very popular programs was the recent Silk Scarf Dyeing. If you would like to dye a silk scarf at home, here are the instructions we used at the program!

Supplies needed:
Silk Scarf
Acid-Based Dyes
Warm Water
Plastic Bag
Microwave Oven

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For dyeing a silk scarf, you will want to use acid-based dyes. Acid dyes work with protein or animal fibers such as silk or wool.

Soak silk scarf for 1+ hours in a solution of 1 part water to 1 part vinegar.  Solution should be medium warm (not hot).

Mix your acid dye according to the instructions - varies depending on particular color (average of 3-6 Tablespoon dye powder to 1 cup water).

Apply dye to scarf (can use foam brush).

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Wrap scarf up in a plastic bag - don't seal, you want a little vent for the steam to escape.

Heat set by putting scarf in microwave oven on high for 2 minutes.

Let cool before unwrapping/opening the bag

Rinse in cool water.

Hang to dry.


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