How to Access MRRL's Digital Magazines

How to Access MRRL's Digital Magazines

What’s Red, White, and 1’s and 0’s All Over?

The publishing industry is continually changing. You have no doubt noticed that many newspapers are now smaller, with others shuttering entirely. Many magazines have transformed from print-only to become digital or use a print-digital hybrid format.That changes how our library serves you as well. Over the past year, we have consolidated the number of newspapers and magazines we carry, but still offer several dozen with back issues available. Patrons can browse these at either branch.

Much of the news and features that you enjoyed in print can still be found digitally. Here’s where:

Databases (found on our site under Explore, then Online Learning and Resources):
Your library card allows you to access Consumer Reports magazines and and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazines. Additionally, the library has recently added a subscription to Comics Plus.

Libby* (free app download):
After installing, open the app and click the magnifying glass in the lower left corner. On the next screen,click the magazine filter. Then you can view current and back issues of thousands of magazines in two dozen languages. These include Good Housekeeping, National Geographic, Prevention, Reader’s Digest, Vogue, Wired, and Women’s World. BONUS: You can read these on a computer by logging in at

Hoopla* (free app download):
Once installed, open and click the Search icon at the bottom of the screen. Click Advanced Search under the search bar and under Format click All Formats and select BingePass, click Search and then select hoopla Magazine BingePass. When you click Borrow , it gives you access to recent issues of almost 130 magazines including Bake, Baseball America, Car and Driver, Cosmopolitan, Family Handyman, Guideposts, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, and Rolling Stone. If you have lost track of a favorite magazine, there’s a good chance you can rediscover it online, where it can be found without a subscription. Happy reading!

*If you need help finding, installing, or using one of our digital apps, let one of our reference staff assist you. You can also find instructions available in print, or on our site under Explore, then Digital Media.