Computer Services

Changes in the Public Computer Center

New Operating System in the PCC - Windows 7 - means that we now have up-to-date software on all of our Public Computer Center machines! Come in and see what the new computers look like, especially since we are replacing all of the monitors in the main computer center downstairs with brand new monitors (through a State Library LSTA grant). The monitors are still being installed now, so


Windows 7 in the PCC

Windows 7 LogoWe've just updated our computer center computers from Windows XP - an 11 year old Operating System that is starting to show it's age - to Windows 7, the latest Operating System from Microsoft. This means that some of the looks of the computers will change, and things may not be where you expect them to be - but don't forget that you can always ask the desk staff in the PCC for help! 

American Public Libraries and Community Internet Access

There is no question that the internet has become an indispensable resource in today's society.

The 1940 Census Data Is Out!

For those of you who enjoy genealogy and tracking down your ancestors, the 1940 Census data has been released! Don't forget that we have two databases that also have Census data in them (though not the 1940 data - yet). Both the Heritage Quest (available from home!) and Ancestry databases are paid for by the library for you, as our patrons, to use!

Another busy weekend at the library!

Tonight we have the teen event "Ultimate Party Tricks" from 4-6pm in the Art Gallery - to register for this, give Courtney a call at 634-6364 x248. Friday night we'll be showing one of George's Friday Night Films - give him a call at 634-6064 x. 250 to find out what's playing and to reserve your spot! Saturday morning at 11am the Children's programming department will be presenting a family event, "Artist Trading Cards". Contact Eric for more information at 634-6064 x229, but no reservations are needed for that one!

The Library’s Facebook Page

Have you visited the library's Facebook page recently? The posts from this blog are reproduced there, as well as announcements from locals (the Jefferson City Facebook page occasionally posts on our wall) and original posts that only show up on our Facebook wall. If you haven't become a friend of the library on Facebook yet, give it a try - it's just another way to find out what is going on in your library!

Firesheep? Should I be worried?

There is a new program that is widely available to the public - Firesheep - that is being used to grab login information for various websites from public wireless hotspots. All you have to do to be vulnerable is log into a site using a wireless connection in a public place.  Since we offer a wireless connection at the library, I thought I'd explain what is going on and how to protect yourself while using our wireless service.

Facebook and your government

Did you know that local governments are creating Facebook pages? Some, like the Missouri Department of Transportation page or the Jefferson City page, are posting information and encouraging discussions about topics that are directly relevant to you as a citizen of Mid-Missouri!

Viruses and spyware and phishing, oh my!

Are you wondering how to protect your computer from all the bad programs on the Internet? Want to know how to spot a scam (phishing) and avoid getting burned? Need some tips of anti-virus or anti-spyware programs that you can use to clean up your computer? Check out the Clean Your PC class that the library is offering next Wednesday evening (June 23) at 6:00pm. Danny will talk about cleaning up your computer - and keeping it clean in the future. Get specific tips on how to recognize and avoid scams and phishing attempts!

Facebook and Privacy

Facebook, a social networking service that many of our patrons use, has been changing their privacy settings pretty regularly over the past few years. If you are concerned that you are giving out more information than you intend to, you may want to check out an online article called "Time to Audit Your Facebook Privacy Settings, Here's How". This article explains the most recent changes and, in clear language, explains how you can make sure you aren't putting more info out there than you want.