Library Use

Jodi Chromey Rediscovers Her Library

At the website BookRiot, Jodi Chromey talks about the joy of rediscovering her library after getting shamed into getting a library card. Like most people, she'd stopped using the library after college and she hadn't yet had kids (which often bring people back to the library).

Author Chels Knorr Appreciates Her Library

Author Chels Knorr has written a really lovely essay on why libraries are still important while also taking us on a tour of a library that could very well be your public library. Not only does she appreciate the literature and entertainment that can be found in your average public library, but the patrons as well. This is a beautifully convincing reason to support your library!

Ron Crow Uses His Library

In an article titled, "Local Library's Resources Can Be Better Than The Internet", Ron Crow talks about his conversation with his local librarian. Ron was concerned that the Internet would negatively affect his library, but was assured that while Google might be able to find stuff you know you need, for less well defined information needs, nothing beats a librarian!

Eric Kuentz Uses His Local Library

Eric Kuentz talks about where to go when the coffee shop loses its magic and you stop being able to write effectively in an article posted earlier this year on the writing blog, Fuel. His suggestion? The library, of course. He talks about how he got his new card and then proceeded to sit and work (without having to buy a coffee every so often) with the result being - greater productivity as an author.

Jamie Todd Rubin, Science Fiction Author, Talks About His Local Library

In a blog post from a couple of weeks ago, Science Fiction author Jamie Todd Rubin wrote a blog post about how he's using his local library to save money.