Google's Crisis Map

You can follow the latest news about Hurricane Issac and where it is forecast to go - as well as what it looks like on the ground where it is right now - using Google's Crisis Map for Issac. If you have loved ones in the path or just want to see how far north this hurricane will go (looks like the effects will  go north of us, if possibly a bit east, too), this is an excellent collection of resources on Issac in map form.

Missouri Digital Heritage

The Missouri Digital Heritage Initiative is a collaborative effort that dramatically expands the amount of information available online about Missouri’s past.

Mobile version of MRRL’s blog

If you have tried to access our blog from your iPhone, Palm Pre or Blackberry over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed that it has been reformatted to give you quick and easy access to our information on your cell phone. If you haven't visited our blog via a mobile device yet, give it a try - you can see all the posts and comments on the blog in a format just for you!

MRRL's Content Spotlight

Have you noticed the area on the library's homepage at the bottom right of the screen titled "Content Spotlight"? Each month a different page is featured in that area to bring some of our great content that might otherwise be hidden out into the light!

MRRL's Event Calendar

Are you familiar with MRRL's Event Calendar? Did you know that every event - even community-sponsored events - are listed in the calendar, along with contact information for the person sponsoring it and details about time and place? Did you know that you can share the information in the calendar with a friend just by clicking the "Tell A Friend" button? That button sends the event details via email to any email address you enter - even your own, if you'd like a reminder of the event in your email inbox.

Optimal Resume Classes for the Public

Looking for a job? Come to the library to learn how to use our newest resource for job seekers - Optimal Resume. This resource offers help with everything from resume and cover letter creation to interviewing skills. You can store resumes on the service and send them out to prospective employers directly from Optimal Resume. If this sounds like something that will help you, please call (573) 634-6064 ext. 241 to make your reservation for one of the upcoming classes!

MRRL on FriendFeed

Did you know that you can keep up with all of MRRL's announcements, blog posts, uploaded pictures, videos and new saved reference links in one place? Subscribing to the library's FriendFeed page brings all of those sources of information - and more - into a single place for you to view.

MRRL's links are available on Delicious

Delicious Social Bookmarking ServiceAre you familiar with the fabulous set of links that our Reference department has compiled? On our Reference pages on the website, we have a bunch of links that have been collected by those smart folks that work at our Reference desk - and you can have access to them too!

New Resources At MRRL

academic_onefile_lgToday, July 1st, brings new resources to our Online Resources page on our website. We are now making the Gale databases available to our patrons, both inside the library and (from the page linked above) from home.