Preferred Searches and email notices

Preferred Search Button

The button you should click when you want to save a search

Did you know that if you save a search (by clicking the "save as preferred search" button when you are logged into the catalog and performing a search), you can turn that into an email notification service? You can be notified of any new materials that come into the library that would be found by that search. You can search on specific authors (a great way to get notified whenever we get a new book by your favorites!) or on keywords or subjects that interest you. When something new comes in that matches that keyword or subject, we'll let you know via email!

To get to your searches, click the Preferred Searches button in your record,

Once you have set a search as preferred, you can go into your record and click on the "Preferred Searches" button to find all of your searches that you have saved. Check the box under "Mark for Email" and you have set up an email notification service that will let you know when our library gets something that might interest you!


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