Overdrive Media is here!

Missouri River Regional Library is proud to announce that it is a founding member of the MoLib2go Consortium. Organized through the offices of MLNC (the Missouri Library Network Corporation) 10 Missouri libraries have joined forces to provide downloadable audio books and eBooks to our patrons through the content provider of Overdrive.  We decided to end our subscription with NetLibrary, which expires at the end of October, and go with Overdrive because Overdrive offers many more titles and services than NetLibrary, and is easier to use.

Overdrive downloadable audio books can be played on most MP3 players, including iPods – availability of access varies depending on the Digital Rights Management of the publisher.  Overdrive provides graphics noting which titles can be played on what players. The downloadable eBooks can be read on players that support the EPUB format (like the Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Sony Reader, but not currently the iPad or the Kindle).

Currently we have over 300 audiobooks and over 200 eBooks available for our patrons to check out – and that number will continue to grow as the consortium is continually adding content, and as new libraries join. Patrons do have install Overdrive software to their computers in order to be able to download the content, but after that all you need to do to check out items, is to identify that you’re a patron of Missouri River Regional Library, and enter your library card number. You are limited to checking out 5 items at a time and you can put items on hold if they’re already checked out. It is also important to note that like any items checked out from the outgoing NetLibrary collection, they do not show up on your library account at the Circulation desk.

Feel free to start enjoying this new service, or if you want, the library will be having  classes on the Overdrive service  October 25th at 7PM and November 30th at 7pm, both in the Annex Conference Room.


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