MRRL June 2013 Newsletter

In the Good Old Summer Time!

Seems like summer never wanted to get here this year. Old Man Winter kept hanging on but all the snow is just a distant memory as we enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Do you have vacation plans? Need information on places to go, things to do and how to get there? If so, the Library is your vacation-destination planning spot.

We have a collection of travel books that can tell you all you need to know about many cities and states.

One book, MTV Road Trips USA, has ten cool trips, each with a theme. These themes includes retro roadtrips, rockin’ the west coast, southern BBQ and festival season.

The library also has travel guides to popular destinations including Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Orlando, Hollywood, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. — just to name a few.

If your plans include travel outside the USA, the library offers an extensive collection of travel books about destinations such as Ireland, Berlin, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Canada.

The Library also has resources such as guides to vegetarian restaurants, organic food stores and farmers’ markets throughout the U.S., adventure travels, national parks with kids, cruises, camping in American parks, and travel humor.

If you are traveling to a foreign land, check out our Mango Languages database that can help you learn enough to be able to ask for the bathroom!

Some of your plans might just be a “stay-cation” - MRRL has you covered again with all the books, DVDs, magazines, and fun you need!

Wherever you wish to go, make sure your first stop is the Library so you are prepared to enjoy all that your vacation destination has to offer.

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