Finding a Job

331.128 BIG The Big Book of Jobs

331.25 FAR 250 Best Jobs through Apprenticeships

331.7 TOP The Top 100: The Fastest Growing Careers for the 21st Century

331.702 AME America's Top Jobs for People without a Four-Year Degree

331.702 PHI Great Careers in 2 Years: The Associate Degree Option

331.702 TWO 200 Best Jobs for College Graduates

351.73 RUC Find your Federal Job Fit

370.23 WAR Inside Secrets of Finding a Teaching Job

373.18 Choices for High School Graduate: A Survival Guide for the Information Age

383.1076 PAR How to Really Get Postal Jobs

650.1 DEC First-Job Survival Guide

650.14 BOL What Color is your Parachute?

650.14 DEE Make Job Loss Work for You

650.14 FIT Does your Resume Wear Combat Boots? Successful Transition from Military to Civilian Life: A Job-Seeker's Guide

650.14 GEA Over 40 Job Search Guide: Ten Strategies for Making your Age an Advantage in your Career

650.14 RYA Over 40 and You're Hired! Secrets to Landing a Great Job

650.14 RYA Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities

650.14 TRO Creating your High School Resume

650.14 WHI E-Resumes

650.142 ENE Cover Letter Magic

650.142 ENE Expert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs

650.142 IRE The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume

650.142 KNO Knock-em Dead Cover Letters

650.142 TRO Federal Resume Guidebook

650.142 WHI Resume Magic

650.144 FAR Next-Day Job Interview

650.144 KEN Job Interviews for Dummies

650.144 KRA Job Interview Tips for People with Not-So-Hot Backgrounds

650.144 OLI 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions

650.144 POU Are you Smart Enough to Work at Google?

651.75 LIN Strategic Business Letters and E-mail

658.04 EDW Finding your Perfect Work

658.0412 DUR Work at Home Now