Optimal Resume Is Going Away...

Dear Patrons,

We’re writing to inform you that beginning October 2, 2012, Missouri River Regional Library is not renewing its subscription to Optimal Resume's software tools. Before then, we’d like to offer you two options for saving the documents you created.

First, you can take the opportunity provided by Optimal Resume to download your documents created with the software and save them to your computer before the date above. Any websites you created would be lost.

But, if you would prefer to continue your service, save your documents, and websites, Optimal Resume does offer you the opportunity to convert your institution-supported account in OptimalResume.com to a personal account for a fee.
Just follow the link and sign in to transfer your account:https://mrrl.optimalresume.com/ExtendMembership.php

You will not have to re-register and all of your documents and websites will be saved.
Please contact Optimal Resume at info@optimalresume.com if you have any questions about a personal account.

Thank you.

MRRL Staff

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