TED-Ed - Video for Life-Long Learners

As patrons of your local public library, you are, by definition, a life-long learner. Our patrons (besides being the smartest and best-looking of all public libraries out there) soak up knowledge when they come to the library. Because of this, we thought that our patrons would appreciate knowing about the new TED-Ed series of videos. TED (Technology, Education and Design) is a series of short-ish (10 to 20 minutes each, approximately) talks by leading folks in their field - a way to get a quick introduction to an idea or a technology or a way of doing things, really. The new TED-Ed videos are similar - short talks by leading practitioners in their fields - but they are geared toward educational uses. These videos support use in the K-12 classroom to use by lifelong-learners at home in their spare time. In the YouTube Channel (Lessons Worth Sharing) that they've set up, they have several featured playlists already. Topics such as:

  • Awesome Nature
  • How Things Work
  • Playing With Language
  • Questions no one (yet) knows the answer to
  • Inventions that shaped history

TED-Ed has only been around for a week, so there will be lots of other content coming up as they continue to build their video library. Of course, if you find something intriguing in the short talks that are featured there, you can always come to visit your favorite Reference staff member to find more resources on that topic or just to get a pointer to that section of the book stacks (or they can find articles for you to read and more!). Support your desire to continue learning all throughout your life with TED-Ed and your local public library!


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