Young Fredle-Readalikes


Cynthia Voigt crafts a novel about discovery, perspective, and the meaning of home—all through the eyes of an affable and worried little mouse. Fredle is an earnest young fellow suddenly cast out of his cozy home behind the kitchen cabinets—into the outside. It’s a new world of color and texture and grass and sky. But with all that comes snakes and rain and lawnmowers and raccoons and a different sort of mouse (field mice, they’re called) not entirely trustworthy. Do the dangers outweigh the thrill of discovery? Fredle’s quest to get back inside soon becomes a wild adventure of predators and allies, of color and sound, of discovery and nostalgia. And, as Fredle himself will come to understand, of freedom.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why does Fredle get went? What is went?
  2. What does Fredle experience outside for the first time?
  3. What friends does Fredle make on the outside? How do his friends help him?
  4. Who do you think Fredle would continue to be friends with after the story ends?
  5. How does Fredle stay safe outside? How much of Fredle’s survival is due to his own instincts and how much is due to help from friends?
  6. What dangers does Fredle face? How does he overcome them?
  7. What does Fredle learn that changes his opinion of outside? of the cellar?
  8. What happens when Fredle returns to the pantry?
  9. How do his family members react upon his return?
  10. What does Fredle ultimately decide to do?