True Spy Stories

B BER The Catcher was a Spy by Nicholas Dawidoff

B DUl Gentleman Spy by Peter Grose

B DUL The Maharajah’s Box by Christy Campbell

B MAR Christopher Marlowe: Poet & Spy by Park Honan

B MAX Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon

B VAN Southern Lady, Yankee Spy by Elizabeth R. Varon

B WRI Spycatcher by Peter Wright

327.12 BAR International Spy Museum Handbook by Jack Barth

327.12 HIT The Great Game by Frederick P. Hitz

327.12 HOR The Invisible Harry Gold by Allen M. Hornblum

327.12 KEE Espionage by Jennifer Keeley

327.12 PIN Treachery by Chapman Pincher

327.124 FER Operation Kronstadt by Harry Ferguson

TEEN 327.1273 JAN The Dark Game by Paul B. Janeczko

327.1273 KAH A Time to Betray by Reza Kahlili

327.1747 RIC Spying on the Bomb by Jeffrey T. Richelson

327.51 WIS Tiger Trap by David Wise

364.1 OLI Capturing Jonathan Pollard by Ronald J. Olive

791.43 GRE The Science of James Bond by Lois H. Gresh

940.5336 NEL Red Orchestra by Anne Nelson

940.54 PER Roosevelt’s Secret War by Joseph E. Persico

940.5421 MAC Double Cross by Ben MacIntyre

940.5486 CON The Irregulars by Jennet Conant

940.5486 MAC Agent Zigzag by Ben MacIntyre

940.5486 WAL Wild Bill Donovan by Douglas Waller

942.055 HUT Elizabeth’s Spymaster by Robert Hutchinson

943.086 BAS Hitler’s Spy Chief by Richard Bassett

955.0542 MEN Argo by Antonio J. Mendez

956.04 OCO King’s Counsel by Jack O’Connell

959.7043 BER Perfect Spy by Larry Berman

973.385 PAU Unlikely Allies by Joel Richard Paul

973.785 AXE The War Between the Spies by Alan Axelrod