The Perks of Being a Wallflower

perks A moving and deeply touching teen novel. Charlie shares his thoughts and feelings with us through diary style writing as he experiences his freshman year of high school. Charlie is a sensitive, naive teen who is unsure how to join in. His English teacher encourages him to get more involved and to work on his writing. With the teacher’s encouragement he makes friends with a couple of seniors and now has a social life. He feels emotions deeply and often internalizes what happens around him including the death of his aunt when he was a child in a car accident. He holds himself responsible. This book does deal with other realities of teen experience including drugs and sex. One of the main characters is also a homosexual but the book presents his story as Charlie’s friend. His being gay is simply part of who he is. None of the topics brought up in the story are treated as taboo, but rather the reader experiences Charlies thoughts and feelings about them and the lessons he learns whether happy or painful ones.