Thanksgiving Resources

263.9 HIB Family Celebrations at Thanksgiving and Alternatives to Halloween

394.2649 APP Thanksgiving: An American Holiday, an American History

394.2649 BLE The Thanksgiving Ceremony: New Traditions for America’s Family Feast

394.2649 FAU The Book of Thanksgiving: Stories, Poems and Recipes for Sharing one of America’s Greatest Holidays

394.2649 HIL The Thanksgiving Book: A Companion to the Holiday Covering it’s History, Lore, Traditions….

394.2649 IDE Ideals: Thanksgiving

394.2649 LIN We Gather Together: The Story of Thanksgiving

394.2683 THA The Thanksgiving Book: An Illustrated Treasury of Lore, Tales, Poems, Prayers ….

641.568 BAT Holiday Food

641.568 BLU Thanksgiving Dinner

641.568 CRO Betty Crocker Complete Thanksgiving Cookbook

641.568 CUR Giving Thanks: Thanksgiving Recipes and History, from Pilgrims to Pumpkin Pie

641.568 DEE Paula Deen Celebrates!

641.568 FAM Family Treasury of Great Holiday Ideas

641.568 GAR The Thanksgiving Cookbook

641.568 HOM Home for the Holidays

641.568 MOR Thanksgiving Table

641.568 PAP Thanksgiving Entertaining

641.568 ROD Thanksgiving 101

642.4 HEN Healthy Holidays

747 JEN Thimbleberries Autumn Accents