Fully Booked

fully booked

Around the Corner

We discuss various events happening in the library each month. Children, teens, millennials, adults, it’s all here! See what’s happening at the library!

For more information about library events, click here, or call us at (573) 634-2464.

At Dawn, We Read!

Here we talk about the different books and other items in our collection. Reviews, recommendations, new releases, the works!

To view our catalog, click here.

Librarian's Log

Here we learn about the folks that make up the Missouri River Regional Library. These are our lives in our own words. See what it’s like being a librarian, a library assistant, a volunteer or a library patron!

Readers of the Lost Art

Take  a trip down memory lane! We discuss the history of the library and the surrounding community. These are the archives of the Missouri River Regional Library!

Is It Me You're Booking For?

Links links links! We’re booking you up with book blogs, book reviews, bookish articles, and bookish things! Is it us you’re booking for?

Who's the Boss?

Hear from the Director of the Library, Claudia Schoonover! Letters, blurbs, and more from The Boss.

To meet the Director, click here.


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