Horse Stories


Amish Horses by Richard Ammon

Blaze by C. W. Anderson

The crooked colt by C. W. Anderson

The perfect pony by Kimberly Bradley

Unicorn races by Stephen J. Brooks

A pony to love by Christine Taylor Butler

Snow ponies by Cynthia Cotton

Farmer Nat by Chris Demarest

Rude mule by Pamela Duncan Edwards

Leah’s pony by Elizabeth Friedrich

The girl who loved wild horses by Paul Goble

Appaloosa zebra: a horse lover’s alphabet by Jessie Haas

Scamper and the horse show by Jessie Haas

The milkman’s boy by Donald Hall

Let’s try horseback riding by Susa Hammerle

Bronco busters by Alison Gragin Herzig

Winter shoes for Shadow Horse by Linda Oatman High

My Chincoteague pony by Susan Jeffers

Black cowboy, wild horses: a true story by Julius Lester

Little pinto of Mustang Canyon by Jonathon London

Mustang Canyon by Jonathon London

Cowboy bunnies by Christine Loomis

Unicorns! Unicorns! by Geraldine McCaughrean

Chestnut by Constance McGeorge

One horse waiting for me by Patricia Mullins

The sleep ponies by Gundrun Ongman

The runaway rainbow by Nora Pelizzari

The midnight unicorn by Neil Reed

Runaway pony by Krista Ruepp

Tera’s dawn by Susan K. Schank

Unicorn dreams by Dyan Sheldon

Where have the unicorns gone? by Jane Yolen

Easy Reader Books

My ponies by K. A. Alistir

Very lucky ponies by Ruth Benjamin

Cowboy Sam and Porky by Edna Walker Chandler

Pony rider by Edna Walker Chandler

Chang’s paper pony by Eleanor Coerr

Patch by Kristin Earhart

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: partners by Erica Silverman

Riding the range by Justin Spelvin