Gone Crazy in Alabama

Gone Crazy in Alabama by Rita Williams-Garcia

Gone Crazy in AlabamaIt’s summer again and time for the Gaither sisters to have another adventure. This time they are heading south to spend the summer in Alabama with Ma Charles and Big Mama. Alabama isn’t like Brooklyn or Oakland and the sisters have to mind what they say around non-family members. There is plenty going on in the way of family drama. Turns out Ma Charles has a sister just across the creek. Ms. Trotter and Ma Charles don’t get along ever since they were introduced to each other in kindergarten. I guess when your father chooses to wed two different women and set up houses on opposite sides of the creek it is hard to get along. Big Mama has a suitor. Mr. Lucas lives next door and has been trying to court her for years.

The sisters get to spend time learning about their family history from both Ma Charles and Ms. Trotter. They also spend time with cousin JimmyTrotter, who lost his whole family except Ms. Trotter in a horrible accident. Of course, Delphine, Vonetta and Fern don’t always get along and cause their own drama. A fight over milk ends up in tragedy and helps bring the sisters together with their entire family.

I really enjoyed this series. I love that each summer the sisters have spent in a different location learning different things. I really liked the family history that was revealed in this book. As the afterwards says, many Black families had white in their backgrounds and many also had Native American ancestors. I like that the girls were exposed to the racial prejudices of the South during the 1960s, which was totally different than what they were used to in Brooklyn and Oakland. My favorite part is always the sisters themselves though. As the oldest of three girls, I can definitely relate to Delphine and her attitude towards her sisters. You love them, but you don’t always like them and you for sure don’t always get along. Of course, that really only applies when you are young. Once you get older it doesn’t really matter as much.